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Proximity is Power

You can greatly increase your ability to achieve your goals by surrounding yourself with people who have similar aspirations. Learn more in this video >> https://vimeo.com/347518356/3e31a22cb4


A Skunk, A Chiropractor and A...

I’ve learned some things this week. It all started Tuesday evening, about 10:15 pm. The Tomshack’s have not just one but three dogs Two are what I call our little rat dogs and one is my personal dog, which is a German Shepherd named Star. So I let the dogs out back for a few minutes, shortly after I finished reading quite a few chapters in an awesome book. I was tired. Really tired.

I let the dogs in and trudged right to my bedroom. I had almost escaped when my daughter, Shannon, yelled out to me. “Dad, something sprayed the dogs!” I was not even remotely happy to hear this great news. I wanted to get to bed. I shuffled over to the rat dogs, bent over and took a whiff. All seemed fine. Then Star walked over. Oh-my-God!

The stench was awful. She was literally covered in a thick, oily substance. She’d been sprayed by a skunk, right in the face. How nice. Did I mention it was 10:15 pm and I was exhausted? My solution, which was my first mistake, was to banish Star to the garage for the night as punishment for trying to eat a skunk. I headed to bed. Meanwhile the entire house now stunk to high heaven. It was gross, and it happened from Star being in the house for no more than 20 seconds. So I laid in bed with the stench slowly building up in my bedroom getting a bit ticked off. Luckily, I finally fell asleep.

Waking up at 6 am was a terrible experience. I was smashed in the nose with a God awful, gross stench. It was much worse than the night before. I swear Star didn’t have time to touch a thing during her 20 seconds in the house. It was time to bathe her. Mistake #2. Lisa and I have always had a dog but never had one get sprayed by a skunk. I didn’t know what to use. Lisa calls the rat dog’s groomer and asks Lana what we should do. She says ‘wash her in hydrogen peroxide and a baking soda paste. It might burn her eyes or dye her hair.’ At this point I could care less about Star coming out as a platinum blonde, which is a far cry from her black and brown. I wanted that stench gone like right now.

I bathed her in that paste and followed it up with normal dog shampoo. It did very little. I decided I’d get some work done and then get back to the Star episode. So I opened the garage door to be hit in the face with yet more stench. Apparently Star rubbed into stuff out there while yelping all night long for us to let her in the house.

Getting to work an hour late, I immediately began more research on skunk stench. Lana gave us the right advice. We, however, neglected to ask for ingredient amounts. It turns out that for a 115 lb dog, it takes a couple of quarts of peroxide and a cup of baking soda plus some dish soap, much more than I has used. Off to the store I went. Back to the shower we headed. The paste was applied and let sit for 10 minutes. She looked like a bear at a salon. Star was hosed off. Out she came as a light brown shepherd. I think she likes her new look!

What’s the tie to your practice? Just like I had no idea how to clean skunk spray off my light brown shepherd (she sort of looks like a cheetah now), when confronted with something for which you have no experience, consult a mentor immediately, not the next week, not tomorrow, but immediately. You’ll mitigate damage by quick reaction, not by going to sleep and hoping it won’t be as bad in the morning. It’ll just ferment all night long and before long the challenge has affected much more than originally thought. It can be like a virus.

Got a chiropractic challenge in your practice? Consult a successful mentor. Don’t put it off till tomorrow. Action gets good results. Good results foster success. Success leads to happiness, and happiness is the result of a life well lived!

Have a great weekend! And, by the way, my house still smells, so I could use a little help here, hint, hint.

Chris Tomshack DC
CEO: HealthSource Chiropractic®  Progressive Rehab ®  & Wellness


Ted: The FINAL Chapter

Things are cooking. Ted has a new found passion and zest, both for his business and his family. As he builds his business, he is systematically creating more money and TIME for his family. He does this by implementing our non-personality dependent business techniques: by recreating himself in others, in other words, leverage.

The first week of July found Ted in this scenario: 6 more new clients (his goal used to be 5 a MONTH), launching a new reactivation campaign for females only, hanging dry erase boards to list goals, chart progress toward them, and list team celebrations, he’s drinking 3 green drinks a day now in addition to green tea, and he’s conceptualized his Christmas in July promotion. This was a huge week.

The second week of July sees Ted with 6 more new clients yet again. Remember, he’s probably the most expensive trainer in Ohio. He’s looking for another trainer to facilitate more growth and ensure he does not have to train new clients, and he’s down to training about 4 clients a week himself. He is meeting with the direct mail company RSVP to do a direct mail campaign. This is similar to Val-Pak but much higher end (we’re working on this right now too). He bought a house for his Dad to rent from him and he paid cash for it (his idea, not mine. I would have counseled not to use cash). He started working on a direct mail campaign to attract attorneys as clients and he sent out another batch of reactivation letters. Another week in the books and he crushed it. His trend is skyrocketing after 5.5 months of blocking and tackling implementation, which means implementing correctly the fundamentals of business growth.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about Ted’s journey. All the lessons and the activities for growth are directly transferable to your practice, albeit with some tweaking. The great news is that in HealthSource, we have all these already done and ready for you to implement. So I ask you, why wait? Why not do things vastly differently from this day forward and construct, from embryonic stage forward, the practice and lifestyle of your dreams. Nothing is stopping you but you, and you can evolve.

Questions? Shoot me an email. No one is destined for mediocrity. Choose greatness!!

All the best to you!

Chris Tomshack DC
HealthSource Chiropractic, Progressive Rehab & Wellness

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Subject: Would Henry Ford Want You To Drive A Model T Today?

Warning: you may find this message polarizing. It may even anger you. This morning I was responding to a Facebook message and I happened across a post by a DC that was really two pictures blended into one. On one side it showed BJ Palmer adjusting a patient with his Hole In One technique. Very cool! He and pioneering DC’s helped many patients over the years with that technique. The other side of the picture showed a DC of today using the same technique.

I’m a student of chiropractic technique, always have been. And the question I have is “If Henry Ford were alive today, would he be driving a Model T or a new 2015 Mustang Cobra? Both cars will arguably get you from a reasonable point A to point B, but which one gets you there faster and in much more comfort?

Fellow chiropractors, amazing advances are made every year in chiropractic technique. Even more advances are made in soft tissue techniques that work synergistically with great chiropractic care to give our patients tremendous results and value. And the kicker is that the day you graduate, your skill set is already outdated. Are you keeping up? Seriously, would you want to go to a dentist that uses 1920 technology? Back when I was a fresh doc, I attended a chiropractic seminar. A famous guru was present and he was adjusting all the attendees who volunteered. I volunteered. I was quickly herded into one line were I was scanned by someone who then jotted down my results on a small piece of paper. When it was my turn I handed the paper to the guru and he put me into a knee chest table and did a HIO adjustment. BOOM!

I swear I saw light when I was adjusted. To say it hurt is a huge understatement. It hurt like He$%. I was dizzy. I immediately got a massive headache, a headache that returned day after day after day. My neck was sore constantly. ROM was restricted. It took almost 2 months of constant chiropractic care to fix what this ‘guru’ did to my c-spine in 5 seconds. And in between delivering adjustments he was walking around the room with his copy of The Subluxation Specific The Adjustment Specific quoting from it and thumping it as if it were the bible. It was scary and unnerving. Following that experience I vowed to only use the most effective chiropractic care available, committing to upgrade my technique each and every year. It began a lifelong mission that created HealthSource.

It’s really about doing what’s best for our patients, not what’s best for our own interests. It’s about keeping their interests ahead of ours.  And on my search I learned about essential supplements; those supplements we absolutely need for health and healing and are commonly not in our diet. And no, it’s not some list of 15 things a patient ‘has’ to take. That’s ridiculous. It’s about just 4 at most.

And it’s also about staying current on the best soft tissue techniques. Trigger Point was state of the art a VERY long time ago. Compression Shearing and Compression Busting are light years ahead of trigger point and they’re not labor intensive. They won’t tire you out or destroy your hands. Roller tables were never state of the art. E-stim……….really? It’s about functional stretching and functional exercise. It’s about driving a Tesla or a Model T: they don’t compare.

If I’ve offended you in this piece, my only hope is that it causes you to examine that which you do in your office. Getting angry at me isn’t the answer. Be known for being the best. Deliver the best. Settle for nothing less. Your patients deserve it. You deserve it. At HealthSource, we live it. I love chiropractic and what we as chiropractors can do to help our patients. Questions? Message me or email me at drchristomshack@healthsourcechiro.com and I’ll get back to you very soon.


All the best to you today,


Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


News Flash: More Money=Less Happiness

John walked to the bank to withdraw some money to pay for the next college term. He had been working since he was about age 10 and had saved up enough money to pay for all 8 years of college. He had just finished his first year at the University of Michigan. He was a premed major. The year was 1929.

John arrived at the bank to find it had closed by executive order of president Roosevelt. It was known as the Bank Holiday of 1929. All his money was gone and he was wiped out financially.  Being the oldest of the kids, the Great Depression forced him to go to work full time to help support the family. At 20 years old he took whatever he could get. He caddied at the golf course, peddled advertising ‘bills’ to homes door-to-door, pumped gas and even trapped muskrats for money to help his siblings eat and have shelter.

Eventually John was able to enter a unique teacher’s degree program, attend classes for two months at a time and then clean floors in the University Hospital for a couple more months. This cycle kept repeating. It took 6.5 years to finish his degree. He then went on to earn a master’s degree. He also did all the coursework on his Ph.D. John never gave up. In his own words in a letter my Grandpa wrote to me on February 7, 1990, he told me “so, don’t give up once you start – it takes money and time, but the rewards are great. Love, Grandpa T.”

My Grandpa went from excelling in premed while also coaching a high school boy’s varsity basketball team to a state championship and having all his money in the bank for 8 year’s of college, all at the young age of 20, to pumping gas for money to help feed his siblings a few months later, all in the blink of an eye.

So my question for you is a simple one to ask, but more complicated to answer. “What is preventing you from living the life you’d always hoped you’d live?” I’m not just talking about income. I’m really talking about happiness. As Aristotle said, happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” The newest research on happiness shows that Americans, even though we have a high quality of life in general, are overall very unhappy, with over 50% even clinically depressed. Are you happy? Did you know that the higher up the socioeconomic scale we climb, we are generally even less happy? Doesn’t that blow you away?

Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way. Happiness, as Aristotle also said, is up to you. If you are not fired up almost every single morning to face the day, head to work and experience tons of happiness, something is very wrong. At HealthSource, one of our core values is happiness. All the cash in the world is not worth being chronically unhappy. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy right now?

HealthSource doesn’t promise to quadruple your practice or miraculously drive in 150 new patients in 90 days. We don’t tell you that a ‘cash practice’ or ‘integrated practice’ will make you tons of money (and hey, aren’t the concepts totally opposite?) Let the charlatans spout that tripe. We do show you how to systematize your practice to up the happiness quotient in your life while systematically building your practice so it no longer depends on you being in the trenches 100% of the time. It’s about lifestyle. It’s about simplicity. It’s about happiness. My Grandpa passed away 20 years ago. He taught me some valuable lessons. Anything worth achieving does take effort. What is your biggest challenge that’s preventing all your days to be a 9 or 10? Shoot me your answers and questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best happiness to you,  your family and your team,

Chris Tomshack DC


HealthSource Chiropractic