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Baby aspirin: internal bleeding and early death?

Important news you must know: In a stunning blow to the long-held dogma that all older adults should be taking an aspirin a day for prevention, yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association both changed their guidelines to physicians on what to tell their patients to do to lower their risk of stroke. They now recommend that for adults who are reasonably healthy, they should no longer advise taking a baby aspirin a day. As the Church Lady from SNL used to say a long while back, “how special.”

Not one but three recent studies  found that taking a ‘daily low-dose aspirin is, at best, a waste of money for healthy older adults. At worst, it may raise their risk of internal bleeding and early death.’ Seriously? They sort of just slipped that last part in there, or so it seemed to me.

What do you do with this information? First, a hyper link is embedded in the previous paragraph if you desire more information about the studies. Second, as you already know, it’s all about prevention. That’s what’s really key here. No, prevention doesn’t get much press because it’s a tad boring, but it outperforms any drug all day long. I don’t have a clinic, but I do have the non-stop opportunity to preach prevention to the HS team…..and preach I do! They are encouraged to stand up instead of sit, go for a walk periodically, get up and move around, exercise, take their supplements and of course the 4-letter word ‘diet’ is talked about a lot.

Does it irritate them sometimes? Certainly. Do they listen and implement all of it? Never. Do they make some changes? You bet they do! And that’s good enough for me. In the immortal words of one of our executives who shall remain unnamed, “don’t give up on me, Dr. T.” And I won’t. Will you give up on your patients? On your circle of influence? On your family? How about your pet?

In earlier days, I’d give everyone a long list of what they should do for better health. Today, the approach is different. Perhaps you start with just 2-3 recommendations at a time, sort of chunking it down into manageable bites for your patients. Walking, fish oil and Vitamin D are three fairly easy things to start with. Get some traction with them, then dig in deeper.

How about you? What one thing can you do today to improve your health? Just one thing?


Chris Tomshack DC
CEO HealthSource Chiropractic
America’s Chiropractor



If not you than who...

I'm here in Utah and just heard the news about OxyContin being hit with 1,000 lawsuits. If you know me, you know I am passionate about finding relief for pain through non-addictive alternatives. HealthSource does just that and we've made it a goal to educate the public about these options that include: Chiropractic, Progressive Rehab® and more. 

Check out my most recent podcast episode for more details, I hope you join me in making a difference!


A little focus for your FRIDAY!

Hello All!

mental adjustment delivered by “The Friday Focus,” which is a brief list of what I’m thinking about, learning about, or doing right now in the pursuit of happiness, health and longevity. I hope you find it useful!

Very Interesting Book Discovered By Complete Mistake: Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life.  Two weeks ago, I quickly ordered 2 books on Amazon. In my haste, this book was ordered instead of a book on tapping, which I found an interesting topic. While in the air at 35,000 feet, I started reading this book, hoping to learn about the technique called tapping. Instead, this book started talking about interpreting dreams. Wow, when applying the information to dreams in the following days, it seems spot on. The result? More mental clarity and an overall sense of calm which comes on immediately after spending merely a little time reviewing the most recent dream. Totally unexpected! If you could benefit from increased calmness or clarity, you’ll like this read.

Extremely Effective Sleep Aid: This one has been kept secret for the last 3 months because it has helped my lifelong insomnia so much, I was waiting for it to stop working. It continues to work amazingly well and is now part of my daily sleep ritual. It’s a Fisher-Wallace Stimulator, which is a transcranial stimulation device that is FDA cleared for the treatment of insomnia and depression. You can order it direct under a DC license. Yep, it feels weird for the 20 minutes you use it, which is now about every 3 days. In the last 3 months, I’ve slept far better than in any time in many, many years. Look it up. Research it. If you have sleep issues, you may want to try it. Or you may want to try it just to say you’ve shot current through your brain and lived! Two thumbs up!

Wonderful Quote to Sit and Ponder: In Order To Succeed We Must First Believe We Can. Nikos Kazantzakas. And we can program ourselves to believe we can succeed at something, but that’s fodder to a different day.

As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Twitter. Which focus point above is your favorite? What do you want to know about? Just send a tweet to @Christomshack and put the #TheFridayFocus in there so it can be easily found.

Have an amazing pre-holiday weekend filled with happiness, health and friendship!

P.S. Do you have a particular question for me? Send me a tweet to @ChrisTomshack asking me anything. Please put the hashtag #TheFridayFocus. I’ll pick some and answer them in an upcoming “The Friday Focus”. Let me know your thoughts!


Rebooting your mind? Seriously?

Yesterday an outstanding doctor and I were having a conversation, similar to one I’ve had many, many times with others from all walks of life. At the core, what was needed was a 'mind reboot.’ Unless you’re perfect, ALL of us need a reboot from time to time. Google ‘how to reboot your mind’ and you’ll be inundated with endless links. Some are great, some are useless, some are ludicrous and some are dangerous. Rebooting is about finding your passion. A refocus. A return to the passion of ‘why we do what we do' that fuels us. It’s about re-identifying the reason ‘why’ we get up in the morning and do what we do and how well we do it.

My humble suggestion is if you don’t need to rekindle that fire today, save this email for when you need it, because every one of us needs to reconnect with that fire once in a while. It’s human and it’s ok. To ask for help with this process is also very much ok. In fact, it’s often necessary. Books serve a good purpose. Live, in-person mentorship, however, is what leads to massive growth.

Start with getting back to your purpose, what you’re passionate about. A good friend asked me early this morning, “why do you do what you do.” In other words, he wanted to know what my purpose is. For me, it’s about helping more and more people lead healthy, prosperous lives. What is your purpose? What are you passionate about? Is it helping people be pain free and healthy? Is it removing nerve interference? Is it about building a great clinic? What are you passionate about? Spend time on this one. It’s what fuels your passion, your mission and your results. It builds lifestyles.

Next up is recognizing your patterns, because we all have them. Our patterns tend to dictate our decisions and our decisions dictate our outcomes. Only YOU can change your patterns. But first, you need to know what your patterns are. For instance, when someone challenges you, do you instantly defend or do you instead listen for understanding? This moves right into risking the possibility of failure, because when you change patterns, you dive right into the unknown, and that can be darn scary. Risking failure by making a decision which runs contrary to your default response is key to growth, both personal and business…….and it’s necessary.

Now we transition into the activity of expanding your mind. This obviously delivers new information into your brain that can transform your life. Reading books is an important first step. Choosing to read is choosing to grow. But it doesn’t end here. All the books in the world aren’t going to transform your life. That comes from direct mentorship from trusted advisors. I used to think books alone could do it. Then two new mentors entered my life. They impressed upon me the critical need for a live mentor(s) and their advice proved monumentally correct. You must have live mentors, not just books.

From your mind, we delve into your body. To reconnect with your passion, it is hugely integral to also focus on your body. You already know this. Address your nutrition, your exercise, your sleep, and everything else that builds and recharges your body. If you don’t have a daily exercise and nutrition regimen in your life, get one today. Your life depends on it. I’m currently doing a lot or work on increasing deep, restorative sleep. You’ll hear about it soon. And last up is making sure that on a daily basis you recharge your spirit. This doesn’t happen by happenstance. It happens as a result of your daily disciplines, from setting your mind right the moment you wake up to using techniques to refocus your spirit throughout the day. Those first 10 minutes upon waking are incredibly important to programming the quality of your day. You simply must have a routine that starts before you get out of bed.

Rebooting your mind is not psychobabble. It’s real and it’s necessary and it is what winners do. Now it’s your turn!

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I don't have the time

Happy Friday to you!

Early this past Sunday morning I was at my gym working out and Bob approached me. Bob is about 35 years old, blond hair with some serious flow, 6’3” tall and he’s about a shredded 190 pounds. He’s got two boys, 6 and 8 years old. Bob says to me, “man, with my boys in all their sports, I don’t have time for any of my stuff anymore. There isn’t time for anything! What do you do?”

Bob knows that my two eldest were in highly competitive athletics into college and my youngest is into crazy competitive academics, so he figured I’d have some insight. And you know, I’ve got some real concrete thoughts on this subject because I’m still living it. And likely you, if you have kids, are living it to. And here’s how it starts. Along about age 8-10, kids these days tend to get involved into really time intensive, often year round sports. Mine did the same, and boy does it consume your time. In fact, I ended up parking most of my hobbies (golf, racquetball, boating, etc) because there just isn’t time to do everything. And you know what, that’s perfectly ok. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. Life actually got better.

It started with my daughter, Shannon. At 6 years old, Shan started taking tennis lessons from a teaching pro. This led to tournaments where we’d trek off together for a day or two of non-stop tennis. This went on all the way into college. In fact, it paid for a chunk of college! But what was very cool was that we got to spend so much more time together because of tennis, time that I probably would have spent away from her, maybe at the golf course. We shared, laughed, cried, celebrated and lived some great times building wonderful memories. I thought we were busy.

Then my next oldest, T, hit age 8 and all hell broke loose! That year he started motocross racing and competitive baseball. Between these two activities and Shan, there was less than zero free time for my hobbies. Motocross only lasted for two years, thank God, because at age 10 baseball became insanely busy, consuming most weeknights and almost every entire weekend, and the pace never slowed, even into college ball. We were fortunate that baseball paid a ton of his college bill, so I used some college money saved and bought a Sprinter RV, which we dubbed the ‘baseball van’ and put a crazy amount of miles on it. I wouldn’t trade the memories we made together for anything. And these are family memories.

One of our franchise owners asked me if year round sports are worth the tradeoff. I thoughtfully wrote out a response that boiled down to “I’ve loved the experience. And even more important, my kids loved it, and we’d do it again.” I ran my response by my kids first and they agreed 100%. We built some amazing memories and experiences.

Here’s the deal, when done right, your kids’ activities  brings family together, instead of everyone splitting up and going their own direction, or me hitting the golf course for 6 hours at a whack. I believe it’s made us a better family. It’s made me a better person. But what about those hobbies of mine? Well guess what, my kids’ activities became my hobbies. Sure, I made certain my workouts and nutrition never wavered, and I carved out plenty of time to read on the road. The takeaway here is simple, we ALL need hobbies. You pick them. Choose something that jazzes you up and engage. Hobbies help to rejuvenate us. They lift us up. They refill our tanks. They make life much more interesting. They foster wonderful relationships. In sum, they make us better people. Outside of work, what healthy activities are you engaging in now? Want to up the Fun factor in your life, start today!!


Chris Tomshack, D.C.