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A Simple Tool of the Super Successful

Successful people share a trait of eliminating as many routine decisions from their life as possible, such as what to have for breakfast. Yesterday, one of our owners asked me about maintaining motivation well after ChiroCon ended. It’s a great question that most of us have struggled with answering at certain times. This doctor is running a practice that has been stuck at about $30,000 a month for a couple years and his year-end goal is to be at $50,000 a month in revenue, a 67% increase. 

Is a 67% increase possible? Yes, it is. In this case, it only takes 11 additional new patients a month and that’s if nothing else changes. If small, incremental improvements are made in other processes, the number of new patients drops to about 5, or a touch over 1 additional new patient a week. But that’s a different discussion. Clinic growth that is sustainable over the long term requires about 80% psychological changes and only 20% in mechanical, or systems improvements. Yep, it’s 80% psychological.

So we moved the conversation to morning Priming to set the mind on the right path immediately upon waking, exercise and nutrition, since those are variables that are often overlooked and can set the stage for bigger and better psychological improvements leading to a much more fulfilling life. This led us to breakfast. Why waste one second on deciding what to have for breakfast. Save your focus for your practice, your family and your patients.

What do you eat for breakfast? Be honest. Does it serve your body or does it hinder it? There is no one, correct breakfast plan, but there is a right one for you, right now, today. For me, I eat breakfast 3 days a week. The other 4 days I intermittent fast till noon. On the 3 breakfast days, I have an organic smoothie that consists of: a tablespoon ground flaxseed, 20g plant-based protein, water, huge handful of spinach or power greens, handful of arugula, another of kale, Italian parsley, half a lemon and some unsweetened coconut milk. The smoothie is chased by a cup of fat or bulletproof coffee (coffee, tablespoon of MCT oil, tablespoon of Kerrygold salted butter, stevia drops, all whipped up in the Vita-Mix).

For the next couple of weeks, the coffee is Gopher Blend, a much-appreciated gift from 2018 Franchisee of the Year and mastermind member, Dr. Andy Konz. Yes, Andy is a University of Minnesota Gopher raving fanatic. And the coffee is darn good, too!

Eliminate as many decisions as possible from your day. I suggest you pick a couple of simple breakfast options and forget about it. Focus on your morning Priming, setting the sails for an amazing day, not on what to eat. That should be automatic!


Have a great day, and thanks again Andy!


Dr. Chris


A little focus for your FRIDAY!

Hello All!

mental adjustment delivered by “The Friday Focus,” which is a brief list of what I’m thinking about, learning about, or doing right now in the pursuit of happiness, health and longevity. I hope you find it useful!

Very Interesting Book Discovered By Complete Mistake: Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life.  Two weeks ago, I quickly ordered 2 books on Amazon. In my haste, this book was ordered instead of a book on tapping, which I found an interesting topic. While in the air at 35,000 feet, I started reading this book, hoping to learn about the technique called tapping. Instead, this book started talking about interpreting dreams. Wow, when applying the information to dreams in the following days, it seems spot on. The result? More mental clarity and an overall sense of calm which comes on immediately after spending merely a little time reviewing the most recent dream. Totally unexpected! If you could benefit from increased calmness or clarity, you’ll like this read.

Extremely Effective Sleep Aid: This one has been kept secret for the last 3 months because it has helped my lifelong insomnia so much, I was waiting for it to stop working. It continues to work amazingly well and is now part of my daily sleep ritual. It’s a Fisher-Wallace Stimulator, which is a transcranial stimulation device that is FDA cleared for the treatment of insomnia and depression. You can order it direct under a DC license. Yep, it feels weird for the 20 minutes you use it, which is now about every 3 days. In the last 3 months, I’ve slept far better than in any time in many, many years. Look it up. Research it. If you have sleep issues, you may want to try it. Or you may want to try it just to say you’ve shot current through your brain and lived! Two thumbs up!

Wonderful Quote to Sit and Ponder: In Order To Succeed We Must First Believe We Can. Nikos Kazantzakas. And we can program ourselves to believe we can succeed at something, but that’s fodder to a different day.

As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Twitter. Which focus point above is your favorite? What do you want to know about? Just send a tweet to @Christomshack and put the #TheFridayFocus in there so it can be easily found.

Have an amazing pre-holiday weekend filled with happiness, health and friendship!

P.S. Do you have a particular question for me? Send me a tweet to @ChrisTomshack asking me anything. Please put the hashtag #TheFridayFocus. I’ll pick some and answer them in an upcoming “The Friday Focus”. Let me know your thoughts!


Rebooting your mind? Seriously?

Yesterday an outstanding doctor and I were having a conversation, similar to one I’ve had many, many times with others from all walks of life. At the core, what was needed was a 'mind reboot.’ Unless you’re perfect, ALL of us need a reboot from time to time. Google ‘how to reboot your mind’ and you’ll be inundated with endless links. Some are great, some are useless, some are ludicrous and some are dangerous. Rebooting is about finding your passion. A refocus. A return to the passion of ‘why we do what we do' that fuels us. It’s about re-identifying the reason ‘why’ we get up in the morning and do what we do and how well we do it.

My humble suggestion is if you don’t need to rekindle that fire today, save this email for when you need it, because every one of us needs to reconnect with that fire once in a while. It’s human and it’s ok. To ask for help with this process is also very much ok. In fact, it’s often necessary. Books serve a good purpose. Live, in-person mentorship, however, is what leads to massive growth.

Start with getting back to your purpose, what you’re passionate about. A good friend asked me early this morning, “why do you do what you do.” In other words, he wanted to know what my purpose is. For me, it’s about helping more and more people lead healthy, prosperous lives. What is your purpose? What are you passionate about? Is it helping people be pain free and healthy? Is it removing nerve interference? Is it about building a great clinic? What are you passionate about? Spend time on this one. It’s what fuels your passion, your mission and your results. It builds lifestyles.

Next up is recognizing your patterns, because we all have them. Our patterns tend to dictate our decisions and our decisions dictate our outcomes. Only YOU can change your patterns. But first, you need to know what your patterns are. For instance, when someone challenges you, do you instantly defend or do you instead listen for understanding? This moves right into risking the possibility of failure, because when you change patterns, you dive right into the unknown, and that can be darn scary. Risking failure by making a decision which runs contrary to your default response is key to growth, both personal and business…….and it’s necessary.

Now we transition into the activity of expanding your mind. This obviously delivers new information into your brain that can transform your life. Reading books is an important first step. Choosing to read is choosing to grow. But it doesn’t end here. All the books in the world aren’t going to transform your life. That comes from direct mentorship from trusted advisors. I used to think books alone could do it. Then two new mentors entered my life. They impressed upon me the critical need for a live mentor(s) and their advice proved monumentally correct. You must have live mentors, not just books.

From your mind, we delve into your body. To reconnect with your passion, it is hugely integral to also focus on your body. You already know this. Address your nutrition, your exercise, your sleep, and everything else that builds and recharges your body. If you don’t have a daily exercise and nutrition regimen in your life, get one today. Your life depends on it. I’m currently doing a lot or work on increasing deep, restorative sleep. You’ll hear about it soon. And last up is making sure that on a daily basis you recharge your spirit. This doesn’t happen by happenstance. It happens as a result of your daily disciplines, from setting your mind right the moment you wake up to using techniques to refocus your spirit throughout the day. Those first 10 minutes upon waking are incredibly important to programming the quality of your day. You simply must have a routine that starts before you get out of bed.

Rebooting your mind is not psychobabble. It’s real and it’s necessary and it is what winners do. Now it’s your turn!

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Building Your Dream Lifestyle in 30 Days - DAY THREE 

Dr. Chris Tomshack, CEO of HealthSource Chiropractic, gives his 3rd lesson on how to get everything you want out of life.


The Ted Story: Chapter 4

Team HealthSource!

We last left Ted in May. Clients were picking up but cash flow was still his main challenge. Who of us hasn’t been there before? He ended up May by planning and beginning to execute all the marketing activities described in the last chapter, every last one of them. Now Ted wanted to know what else he should do. So we brainstormed.

We birthed the idea of holding a Flash Sale in which all his clients that were about to have their programs expire in the next few months could sign up early, over a one-week period, at a discount. This promotion was mailed out to his clients. Ted waited anxiously.

Beginning the next day, the signups started, all prepaying for the entire program, which ran around $2,000 for a 6 month program. The signups continued. The cash was rolling in. Just 9 days later Ted business had collected an additional $67,450 in cash. He now had much more money in the bank than ever before……by far. I suggested he NOT spend it and instead invest it. He complied.

So with all this cash, Ted was now a bit concerned, and you probably know why, right? He was anxious now because he knew that he pulled future income into the business now when some of it would have come in a few months. I told him, “you’ve got the cash if you need it. Let’s make sure you don’t need it by increasing your new clients and reactivating inactive clients.” He enthusiastically jumped on board this train. We planned.

Since it’s always easier to reactivate old clients rather than find new ones, Ted worked on a reactivation letter first. I proofed it and provided feedback. Ted sent it out in 3 separate mailings and it went to his entire list of inactive clients over 3 weeks, going back 7 years. Next we worked on a successful ad and placed it in the Cleveland Women’s Journal. The beauty of this ad was that it was about weight loss and regaining your 20 year old body.

Newsletters went out again to the entire database, active and inactive. We also re-purposed an old ad into a Father’s Day promotion and sent it to his clients. We also began planning a Christmas in July promotion. Yep, Ted was busy building so he could eventually have the lifestyle of his dreams. The clients, new and old, were beating a path to his door.

Results? By the end of June, Ted’s business was continually breaking records. His cash kept increasing each week along with the new clients. In fact, his previous goal of having 5 new clients in a week was totally shattered. The last week of June he saw 6 new clients……..in the ‘slow season’ for gyms. I could literally feel Ted smile broader on every call. Ted’s largest asset is his dedication to implementing EVERY activity we planned. He was sometimes late, but he ALWAYS implemented. Incidentally, now he had a businessman ask him if he’d teach him how to build a gym just like his in Washington.

One more chapter to go.

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All the best,

Chris Tomshack DC
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