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Proximity is Power

You can greatly increase your ability to achieve your goals by surrounding yourself with people who have similar aspirations. Learn more in this video >> https://vimeo.com/347518356/3e31a22cb4


Big Pharma is Getting Some Payback! 

The former CEO (Doud) and the Chief Compliance Officer of one of the nation’s top 10 drug distributors have been arrested and formally charged for ‘conspiracy to violate narcotics laws, conspiracy to defraud the U.S., and willfully failing to file suspicious order reports.’ Can you say “FINALLY!” And maybe follow that up with “right on! Keep ‘em coming!” They handcuffed these criminals and took them to jail!

The Rochester Drug Co-operative, which is the name of the distributor involved, has also been charged by the government. This marks the very first time executives from either a Big Pharma distributor or a Big Pharma manufacturer have been charged for the massive destruction and huge loss of life they have directly caused. This, I’m certain, has Big Pharma quaking in their boots. 

Certainly, the Sackler family, the owners of the company that makes Oxycontin, should be scared penniless. Won’t it be a tiny amount of satisfaction to the surviving family members and loved ones of so many opioid victims to see the executives and owners of these companies that have preyed upon so many people by lying, falsifying and outright criminal behavior? 

Wayne sent me this link yesterday which has more details for those of you with inquiring minds: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/former-ceo-major-drug-distribution-company-first-face-criminal-charges-n997571

With you being on the front lines of this battle to combat the evil that’s been perpetuated by Big Pharma, you will likely appreciate what was just done with the formal charges and arrests. I sure do! Having visited some of the Salvation Army adult treatment centers over the last 2 years and witnessing the ravaging effects of opioids, frankly I’m ecstatic that some measure of justice is finally being served. These drug companies and distributors have been acting like common drug dealers while on the surface looking like responsible executives. In my humble opinion, the drug distributors need to be shut down. They exist, again in my opinion, to allow the Big Pharma drug manufacturers to insulate themselves from selling their drugs to whomever has cold, hard cash. Eliminating the distributors exposes Big Pharma by allowing complete transparency on where their drugs are shipped. 

The incredible, non-drug, state of the art care you provide to the patients we serve is exemplary. I thank you, each and every one of you, for the dedication you bring to your offices every day, fighting a massive battle to get the word out that says “We can help. Opioids aren’t the answer. Come, experience the very best in chiropractic and rehab!”

I hope you are having a great day, as initiated by a great Morning Priming routine. Let’s continue our fast-paced growth and finish out an amazing month!


Dr. Chris


A Simple Tool of the Super Successful

Successful people share a trait of eliminating as many routine decisions from their life as possible, such as what to have for breakfast. Yesterday, one of our owners asked me about maintaining motivation well after ChiroCon ended. It’s a great question that most of us have struggled with answering at certain times. This doctor is running a practice that has been stuck at about $30,000 a month for a couple years and his year-end goal is to be at $50,000 a month in revenue, a 67% increase. 

Is a 67% increase possible? Yes, it is. In this case, it only takes 11 additional new patients a month and that’s if nothing else changes. If small, incremental improvements are made in other processes, the number of new patients drops to about 5, or a touch over 1 additional new patient a week. But that’s a different discussion. Clinic growth that is sustainable over the long term requires about 80% psychological changes and only 20% in mechanical, or systems improvements. Yep, it’s 80% psychological.

So we moved the conversation to morning Priming to set the mind on the right path immediately upon waking, exercise and nutrition, since those are variables that are often overlooked and can set the stage for bigger and better psychological improvements leading to a much more fulfilling life. This led us to breakfast. Why waste one second on deciding what to have for breakfast. Save your focus for your practice, your family and your patients.

What do you eat for breakfast? Be honest. Does it serve your body or does it hinder it? There is no one, correct breakfast plan, but there is a right one for you, right now, today. For me, I eat breakfast 3 days a week. The other 4 days I intermittent fast till noon. On the 3 breakfast days, I have an organic smoothie that consists of: a tablespoon ground flaxseed, 20g plant-based protein, water, huge handful of spinach or power greens, handful of arugula, another of kale, Italian parsley, half a lemon and some unsweetened coconut milk. The smoothie is chased by a cup of fat or bulletproof coffee (coffee, tablespoon of MCT oil, tablespoon of Kerrygold salted butter, stevia drops, all whipped up in the Vita-Mix).

For the next couple of weeks, the coffee is Gopher Blend, a much-appreciated gift from 2018 Franchisee of the Year and mastermind member, Dr. Andy Konz. Yes, Andy is a University of Minnesota Gopher raving fanatic. And the coffee is darn good, too!

Eliminate as many decisions as possible from your day. I suggest you pick a couple of simple breakfast options and forget about it. Focus on your morning Priming, setting the sails for an amazing day, not on what to eat. That should be automatic!


Have a great day, and thanks again Andy!


Dr. Chris


Only 1% Growth Projected in 2016

The new projections are in and if they’re accurate, it’ll really crush a ton of practices.

Are you aware of the growth rate projected for the chiropractic industry for 2016?

Care to know?

Want to hear the ramifications to individual chiropractors, like yourself?

Most DC’s will be blown away by this and have no idea what it really means. Most will not take action while there is still time.

So here we go. The chiropractic industry is expected to grow a paltry 1% in 2016. Just 1%. This is bad news.

We’ve got quite a few future DC’s in the colleges and many will be graduating all through the next year……..potentially thousands more DC’s in practice.

This means that they’ll begin serving patients as an associate or as a new clinic owner. In other words, they’ll generate more revenue for the chiropractic industry.

Now all in all, you can say, “hey, that’s great. We need more chiropractors.” And I totally agree with that statement. We need more DC’s giving great care to the American population, and they should earn wonderful incomes in the process. You should too.

The challenge is that as the new grads increase the overall income into chiropractic, that pretty much accounts for the 1% increase in projected growth, probably a lot more, which means a number of DC’s will be earning LESS in 2016.

Not good.

I’m NOT saying new grads aren’t wonderful. They are and we need them.

What I am saying is that overall, the average clinic income is very likely to drop in 2016.

Are you prepared for that to occur?

Do you have a plan to guarantee that your practice won’t shrink and instead, it’ll grow in 2016?

2016 is just about here. If you’re just hearing about the projection, you’re a bit, ok, a lot, behind the proverbial 8 ball.

A friendly suggestion is that you take the next three weeks and carefully sculpt a plan for practice growth next year.

The plan needs to be executed in very early January and it needs to be smart.

It also needs to be quite different from what you did in 2015. You can’t solve a problem using the same level of thinking that created the problem (paraphrased Einstein).

The good news is that you do have time to do this now. Block out the time on your calendar while it’s fresh in your mind.

We need chiropractic to grow a lot more in 2016 than a measly 1%, and it starts with YOU and YOUR office, if and only if you’re proactive and get busy.

More next week,

Chris Tomshack DC

CEO HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab & Wellness

P.S.  You have time to design a great plan, but you must move quickly, or risk being in reactive mode the entire year, and that’s exhausting.

If you want to learn what NOT to do and shorten your learning curve, go to www.howiwasted.com. I wasted millions of dollars testing ways to increase my practices. I would encourage you not to repeat the mistakes I made…and I made plenty!




How I Wasted Millions

Hey there,

You’re about to learn how to make January, February and March, typically three of the slowest months in chiropractic offices, one of the best quarters of the year for your clinic.

No joke.

Most chiropractors refuse to believe this is even possible, let alone believe that they could do this in their office, year after year.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Not by a long shot.

Rewind about 16 years, I’m in practice, very darn busy, but I’m dreading the first quarter of the next year and it isn’t even Christmas yet. I know exactly what will happen to the volume of my 3 associate doctors. It’s not good.

So here I am, I’ve built a huge practice by anybody’s standards but I know winter is coming as is the massive stress of fighting hard to keep ‘the numbers up’ in winter.

I’m depressed. So I got to work to fix the problem, attacking it by relying on my business education. Creating and testing new systems consumed me.

And oh how thing changed, mi amigo. :)

After I developed and perfected what I now call the “Ultimate Marketing Calendar” system, I experienced a huge transformation.

Please understand, I already had in place totally state of the art patient care programs, much more advanced than the docs down the street, so I knew we were great there….more than great, actually.

Since then, we’ve created so many new patients in winter, first in my own 4 practices, then in hundreds of HealthSource clinics nationwide, it amazes me every year.

Yep, there are millions of people out there- a lot of them – and they need our help, and are looking for a better solution to their health needs.

You just need to know where to find them and how to attract them.

There was the one Christmas eve we saw 10 new patients by early closing time, 2:00 pm. And this is in just one office!

Do you know what the best thing is?

The HealthSource system shows you how to systematically use the Ultimate Marketing Calendar, even before you come to HealthSource University, so you can execute the system early and begin to attract more new patients from the start.

I'll tell you the strange way this happened later on. If you’ve read my book, it’s in there.


Talk soon,

Chris Tomshack DC

CEO, HealthSource Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab and Wellness


P.S. There are two huge lessons that are hidden in this email. In fact, I repeated one of them five times in this email.  It's the key to your success.

P.P.S.  Want to know immediately what NOT to do? I’ll show you how I wasted a huge amount of money.  Go to www.howiwasted.com