Procrastination kills dreams, so kill procrastination.

Life is way too short. Look around. Read the obituaries. And the one big issue that gets in the way of us reaching our potential and having a fantastic life is…..Procrastination. It’ll suck the life right out of you in no time flat. Let’s combat it, together.


It’s good to know someone appreciates your work!


Flip on the news. Most of the time it’s downright depressing. That reminds me of an old song…”then the bubble-headed bleach blonde, comes on at…”.  Here’s something that’ll cheer you up.


The typical American waits 15 years before seeking treatment for headaches? Are you kidding me?

Description:  The typical American waits 15 years to get treatment for headaches, then wonders why it can’t be fixed in 5 minutes. What’s this have to do with a sick dog vomiting in the den? Check out our new video for the answer.


Are social media sites an absolute waste of time or do they really serve some useful purpose?

It seems that just about every day someone is asking me if I’m on Facebook, Twitter or one of the other social medial sites. It seems like there’s hundreds of them now.  Why should I be using these sites? Aren’t they just a waste of time, with everybody posting useless information?


A huge problem with doctor’s offices today

A trip to the doctor’s office has become an impersonal nightmare for many of us. Nobody is friendly. You get treated like a number, and you have to ring a bell to talk to a human. That’s wrong!