What Was Your First Job? Was it Awful?

Who has the worst “first job” story? Did you work for a tightfisted, skinflint codger or did you actually learn something valuable?


Goal Setting: Nobody Does This Anymore, Do They?

Goal setting is old school, right?  Does anybody really do goal setting exercises anymore? This short video tells you what some of the successful elite do to achieve success in what they do.  Whether you’re trying to get out of pain or trying to get ahead in your life, this video can help.


And You Think You’ve Got BAD Back Pain?

Most of us from time to time have some minor back pain. It usually goes away on its own. But what if it’s severe pain? Let’s say the pain is traveling down your leg. Now it hurts to just move….in any direction. What now? Here’s a short video on what just may work for you.


Here’s What Olympians and Pro Athletes Use Instead of Massage

Olympic  athletes, collegiate athletes and Pro athletes are moving away from massage and now are using something entirely new to work out there muscle pain and knots. No, it’s not some new miracle drug. It’s a new low tech device that’s just a bit uncomfortable when it’s being used on you, but the results are amazing. You can use it too and here it is……


Nice or Kooky, You Be The Judge

Nasty people are seemingly everywhere. You know the type….rude, course, interruptive, all knowing, egotistic, argumentative, smug, and the list goes on and on. They make life a drag. You see them walking on the sidewalk towards you and you cross to the other side. What a pain. There are some nice people, right? Check this video out.