What’s Your Dream and How Will You Pull It Off?


We all have dreams. What’s yours? Is it attainable? Are you on your way to reaching the dream? I’ve got dreams too. This short video details one of my dreams….part of my vision for what I do. Take a look. Then share your dreams with me!


Race Cars, Weights and Stress?

Read the headlines. Stress is everywhere and it’s supposedly killing us or at least shortening our lives.  So what are you doing to de-stress? Got any hobbies? Exercise maybe? Let me share with you what I do to reduce the stress. What do you do?


How Did You Meet Your Spouse?

We are where we are at today as the direct result of the decisions we made. What about you? How’s the quality of your decisions? Are you where you hoped you’d be at this point in your life? How did you meet your spouse, because that’s a monumental decision? Can you top this story?


Will Socialized Medicine Really Affect You?

With all the recent talk about a “public option” healthcare plan for America, I’ve been deluged with questions. So keeping it light, this short video hits on some of the most important talking points. No need to get political here, because everybody deserves an opinion. Check it out!


What Happened to the Name Swine Flu? Why H1N1?


8 months ago, everyone was talking about Swine Flu. Now, you never hear the term anymore. Suddenly, the name was dropped in favor of the alternate name, H1N1. Why?  Maybe instead we should be concentrating on improving our health to greatly drop the chances you’ll even get the flu. Check this out.