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A Simple Tool of the Super Successful

Successful people share a trait of eliminating as many routine decisions from their life as possible, such as what to have for breakfast. Yesterday, one of our owners asked me about maintaining motivation well after ChiroCon ended. It’s a great question that most of us have struggled with answering at certain times. This doctor is running a practice that has been stuck at about $30,000 a month for a couple years and his year-end goal is to be at $50,000 a month in revenue, a 67% increase. 

Is a 67% increase possible? Yes, it is. In this case, it only takes 11 additional new patients a month and that’s if nothing else changes. If small, incremental improvements are made in other processes, the number of new patients drops to about 5, or a touch over 1 additional new patient a week. But that’s a different discussion. Clinic growth that is sustainable over the long term requires about 80% psychological changes and only 20% in mechanical, or systems improvements. Yep, it’s 80% psychological.

So we moved the conversation to morning Priming to set the mind on the right path immediately upon waking, exercise and nutrition, since those are variables that are often overlooked and can set the stage for bigger and better psychological improvements leading to a much more fulfilling life. This led us to breakfast. Why waste one second on deciding what to have for breakfast. Save your focus for your practice, your family and your patients.

What do you eat for breakfast? Be honest. Does it serve your body or does it hinder it? There is no one, correct breakfast plan, but there is a right one for you, right now, today. For me, I eat breakfast 3 days a week. The other 4 days I intermittent fast till noon. On the 3 breakfast days, I have an organic smoothie that consists of: a tablespoon ground flaxseed, 20g plant-based protein, water, huge handful of spinach or power greens, handful of arugula, another of kale, Italian parsley, half a lemon and some unsweetened coconut milk. The smoothie is chased by a cup of fat or bulletproof coffee (coffee, tablespoon of MCT oil, tablespoon of Kerrygold salted butter, stevia drops, all whipped up in the Vita-Mix).

For the next couple of weeks, the coffee is Gopher Blend, a much-appreciated gift from 2018 Franchisee of the Year and mastermind member, Dr. Andy Konz. Yes, Andy is a University of Minnesota Gopher raving fanatic. And the coffee is darn good, too!

Eliminate as many decisions as possible from your day. I suggest you pick a couple of simple breakfast options and forget about it. Focus on your morning Priming, setting the sails for an amazing day, not on what to eat. That should be automatic!


Have a great day, and thanks again Andy!


Dr. Chris

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