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Baby aspirin: internal bleeding and early death?

Important news you must know: In a stunning blow to the long-held dogma that all older adults should be taking an aspirin a day for prevention, yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association both changed their guidelines to physicians on what to tell their patients to do to lower their risk of stroke. They now recommend that for adults who are reasonably healthy, they should no longer advise taking a baby aspirin a day. As the Church Lady from SNL used to say a long while back, “how special.”

Not one but three recent studies  found that taking a ‘daily low-dose aspirin is, at best, a waste of money for healthy older adults. At worst, it may raise their risk of internal bleeding and early death.’ Seriously? They sort of just slipped that last part in there, or so it seemed to me.

What do you do with this information? First, a hyper link is embedded in the previous paragraph if you desire more information about the studies. Second, as you already know, it’s all about prevention. That’s what’s really key here. No, prevention doesn’t get much press because it’s a tad boring, but it outperforms any drug all day long. I don’t have a clinic, but I do have the non-stop opportunity to preach prevention to the HS team…..and preach I do! They are encouraged to stand up instead of sit, go for a walk periodically, get up and move around, exercise, take their supplements and of course the 4-letter word ‘diet’ is talked about a lot.

Does it irritate them sometimes? Certainly. Do they listen and implement all of it? Never. Do they make some changes? You bet they do! And that’s good enough for me. In the immortal words of one of our executives who shall remain unnamed, “don’t give up on me, Dr. T.” And I won’t. Will you give up on your patients? On your circle of influence? On your family? How about your pet?

In earlier days, I’d give everyone a long list of what they should do for better health. Today, the approach is different. Perhaps you start with just 2-3 recommendations at a time, sort of chunking it down into manageable bites for your patients. Walking, fish oil and Vitamin D are three fairly easy things to start with. Get some traction with them, then dig in deeper.

How about you? What one thing can you do today to improve your health? Just one thing?


Chris Tomshack DC
CEO HealthSource Chiropractic
America’s Chiropractor


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