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What does Lori Laughlin and Big Pharma have in common?

Good Lord, it’s actually impossible to read anything today without seeing another piece on the actress Lori Laughlin and William Singer. Certainly, you’ve heard what’s been happening. This rather dishonest guy, Singer, had a company that for a large fee, anywhere from 10K to a million dollars, would virtually guarantee admission of your child to the school of their choice, in most cases. 

Singer built up a team of admissions counselors and collegiate coaches that for a large bribe, would pull strings to get your kid admitted. Singer even hired some mental wizard that would take your kid’s ACT or SAT for them, ace it, and get your child into a highly selective university. Amazing, isn’t it, that this could actually be taking place in today’s modern world of technology?

My family makes fun of me all the time, especially at Christmas. Why? Because I am a total Hallmark Channel sucker. When no one is around, if someone sneaks up on me in December, they can often find me stealing a few minutes of a Hallmark movie. I love the themes! Lori Laughlin has been a Hallmark star for quite a few years and I’ve always loved the Hallmark movies she’s been in. No longer. I vote with my clicker.

She apparently paid Singer $500K to get her daughter into USC. She paid another high amount to get her other daughter in there as well. This is called being a criminal in my book. And what does Laughlin and Big Pharma have in common? Dishonesty. 

Big Pharma has been lying for years about the safety of opioids. They manipulated the data to indicate Oxy was less addictive than earlier opioids, which is the opposite of what the real data showed. This is dishonesty that has ruined lives, even killed people...many people. 

I look forward to an era of honesty in research publication. It’s time. And since my youngest, Zack, is in the process of selecting his college right now, it’d be nice if the admission process was honest as well. 

Chris Tomshack DC
CEO Healthsource Chiropractic
America’s Chiropractor

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