The Chris Tomshack Story

Dr. Chris Tomshack is the founder and CEO of HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab. After graduating with honors from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, he was also commissioned an officer in the United States Air Force, graduating top in his ROTC class. He then continued his study at the University of Toledo, where he was in the MBA program as well as serving as a teaching assistant in the marketing department. Dr. Tomshack then enrolled in Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. After graduation, Dr. Tomshack immediately opened his practice in Vermilion, Ohio. Practice growth came slow at first, but after becoming a student of business systems his practice began to flourish, finally reaching the point where Dr. Tomshack had the busiest practice around. He then retired from active practice at age 37 and began building multiple offices, opening three more successful practices. Many of the practice and business principles he introduced into his clinics came from his relentless study of other industries, always looking for ways to improve the way a practice should be run, while keeping the focus on answering one question, "what's best for the patient?"

Realizing that he had put together some of the most progressive treatment protocols and business systems ever introduced into chiropractic, he began the steps of building a true franchise opportunity to help other chiropractors. Dr. Tomshack launched HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive rehab in April of 2006, and in a short time they have become the fastest growing franchise business and opportunity in chiropractic today, helping to build hundreds successful and thriving practices all across the country.

Throughtout all this growth, Dr. Tomshack absolutely insists that everyone in the HealthSource family always ask themselves one basic question when designing a treatment program for a patient. And that question is "What's best for the patient?"

Dr. Tomshack also introduced the most comprehensive weight loss program ever released nationally in chiropractic clinics. This  program compliments the chiropractic and progressive rehab programs in the HealthSource clinics, allowing the clinics to offer a "one stop shop".

As a result of these activities, Dr. Tomshack is a frequent guest lecturer at numerous venues, and he is consulted with on a wide variety of healthcare and business issues.