From Broke to Cash Flush in 4.5 Months

Back in January I was contacted by the owner of a high-end personal training gym nearby. By high end, I mean that he charges from $65 - $45 for a 20-minute training session and clients train twice a week. So that’s $130 - $90 a week, or $520 - $360 a month. Only 2-3  people can train at the same time. This is an expensive training program for people with money to spare. It’s certainly not for the Planet Fitness crowd. The owner, we’ll call him Ted, had met me at a function and begged me to coach him. I have never coached anyone outside of HealthSource and certainly not in a different industry.

And hey, what do I know about the gym business…..darn near nothing, other than I’ve been training at them since I was 14.  But as I was taught by many mentors, business is business. I thought about it some and discussed it with one of my mentors, Rob Berkley. Rob said “go ahead and coach him for a couple hours a month. I think you’ll find it not only interesting, but it’ll make you more creative with HealthSource so you can help your docs grow faster.” So even though what I know about building a gym business is nonexistent, I decided to give it a go as long as I felt it was helping the gym owner AND sparking creativity on my part that could be used in HealthSource.

Here’s what I learned on the first call: the gym was barely making any money. In fact, it recently lost $9,500 in a single month. New clients were in the dumper, with his monthly goal being just 5 new clients, which he wasn’t achieving. He had no marketing calendar to speak of due to ‘finances’. So I’m depressingly thinking, ‘what did I get myself into? This is going to be a time vampire and I’m not exactly brimming with free time right now.’

The owner, Ted, had a clearly undefined vision for himself and for the gym. He did say that he wanted to franchise his concept in the future and open up a second location. When he told me that all I could think was “franchise what? There is no business here. And going from one barely alive business to two is akin to stupidity.’  His #1 issue according to Ted? Cash flow. I resisted the temptation to correct him on this on the very first phone call. I’d think about it a bit and talk to him the next week.

What do you think his #1 issue really is? How about #2? Is this guy, I mean business, fixable?



Chris Tomshack, DC



Phenomenal National News on Chiropractic

Chiropractic, over the last few weeks, has received incredible news coverage on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and in the New York Daily News. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the link for the piece picked up by CNN:

14-year-old diagnosed with 'text neck'

And the great thing is that more and more stations are picking it up weekly, 7 in the last 3 days alone! Here's how it happened. HealthSource Chiropractic wrote a piece on 'Text Neck' and through our extensive array of media contacts, the piece began to go viral. In fact, most of the stations sent a reporter and film crew to our local offices to film their own segment right in our doctor's offices.

Text neck is the condition caused by the crazy posture that most people, especially kids, put themselves in when they text for hours a day. The bad posture has ramifications to our spine and muscular structure, as well you know.

Bottom line: we've gotten millions and millions of exposures to potential new patients of our clinics. The HealthSource doctor on TV becomes somewhat of a celebrity in his market and certainly the expert on text neck. This is reaching people who otherwise never would have become a patient. Now this is pretty cool.

This is but one of the many benefits of membership inside the HealthSource family. While I won't go into the details of how we got the piece to go viral all across America, if you have any other questions, just respond to this email and I'll respond personally.  HealthSource,  the world's leading provider of chiropractic care, is now expanding into more markets. If you'd like to be considered, contact our Director of Business Development, Wes Sattler, at wsattler@healthsourcechiro.com.

All the best to you,

Chris Tomshack DC
HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc.


HealthSource in the News: Text Neck

Your child can experience 'pain, numbness and trouble sleeping' the longer they spend on their mobile devices. Hear Dr. Elliot Cintron, HealthSource of Weston (Fla.), tell NBC Miami how to avoid this frightening epidemic. ➨ http://bit.ly/1Pm84r3


Simple Takeaways

Good Afternoon to You!

All I can say is ‘WOW’. Last week we held our national convention, which we call SuperCamp. We had about 700 people all together, learning and celebrating. It was simply an awesome experience. The mood was higher than ever before, the excitement was at an all time stratospheric level, and our new membership model MVP Wellness Club was received with massive energy and optimism, especially when the math was explained. The new treatment protocols were greeted and accepted with resounding applause. The protocols show you how to simply and easily take your patients through their entire primary care plan while decreasing your overhead in the process. It’s the first time ‘best practices’ has ever been released in chiropractic on any scale whatsoever. Amazing. Then, your patient is ready to join the MVP Wellness Club.

Success routinely leaves clues. And remember, the successful do what the unsuccessful refuse to do. If you’re not hitting your goals, reread that last sentence please.

Case in point: Dr. Jeff Koepfler, from HealthSource of Toledo Southwest, and I had a really good discussion about 2 months ago at the local HealthSource mastermind. We hold these all over America every 4 months. Dr. Jeff has great energy but was seemingly stuck seeing about 130 patients per week. He wasn’t happy at that number. He developed an action plan. Better, he implemented it.

And then about 3 weeks ago he emails to tell me he not only blew past 130 PV’s, he also broke 200, hitting 203 PV’s in a week, a mere 5 weeks after he implemented his action plan. Success leaves clues.

Ok, one more: Dr. Sean Neaubaur, HS of Chanhassen, texted me Friday before SuperCamp. He told me he’s heard of docs taking their focus off the practice before leaving for events and we wasn’t going to let that happen to his office, which has only been open 1.75 years….not even 2 years old. Instead, he stuck to his action plan, kept implementing and also broke a record the week before SC. He and his team served 278 patient visits that week, in a practice open not even 2 years.

Simple takeaways

1. Wellness is now a 3.4 Trillion dollar industry. Learn how to provide real wellness care in your office. Hint: maintenance care is not wellness care. They are related, but definitely not one and the same. Wellness is more.

2. Ensure you have treatment protocols that you adhere to on most occasions. Patients are demanding better care. Be that doctor in your community. Provide the very best, not e-stim, roller tables, ultrasound, etc. Be better than that.

3. Recognize that success leaves clues. Not hitting your goals? Then do what successful docs do, like Drs. Jeff and Sean. Get with your mentor and construct your action plan. Mentor? Yep. It’s darn near impossible for the person or team that created a problem to fix it with the same level of thinking. You NEED a mentor.

4. Email me personally if taking you and your practice to the very best is what you desire. Mediocrity is a wasted life. Be what you were born to be. Maximize your skills and talents. Simply reply to this email and I’ll get back to you. Let’s explode this summer, have a blast, really grow your practice AND take a fantastic 2 week vacation.

It’s 80 degrees in Ohio. I hope you all have a phenomenal weekend. Unplug. Don’t check email once the entire weekend. Stop surfing social media this weekend and live in the present! (BTW, the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, doesn’t even use Fb. That may tell you something.) Up the fun factor this weekend!!

All the best,

Chris Tomshack DC
HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc.


Incredible Marketing Tips Just For You!

This one is short and full of very cool marketing and PR information for YOU. Want to know how to use the media—and in particular social media—to your advantage? Here’s a hint: it’s not by chasing Facebook likes.

See, the news media is finally jumping on the chiropractic bandwagon. Which is great, because they’re usually the last to take heed of cultural shifts. People are finally waking up to what we can do for them, but YOU still have to make sure they know who you’re the expert on chiropractic and wellness care.

This is what HealthSource has been doing and it’s meant a flood of new patients for our clinics. We’ve been pitching stories to local affiliates all over the country through our amazing marketing department, and our docs have been getting tons of new patients from the exposure.

Check out this CBS news story done on one of our clinics, HealthSource of Avon. The story is all about the concerning and growing trend of Text Neck: bit.ly/19AhjkG

The text neck story has also been picked up featuring HealthSource clinics by TV stations in Georgia and elsewhere.

The largest nursing magazine in the country will feature Dr. Sarah Jacobs in Hunstville, Alabama. Nurses make up the 2nd largest segment of chiropractic patients in so many of our clinics.

WBKO radio Boston is producing a story about back pain tips while shoveling snow, featuring HealthSource.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently featured Dr. Brandon Pettke, HealthSource of Burleson: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244001

Entrepreneur Mag also did a great interview with me to be published very soon. Yesterday I had an interview with Fortune Magazine. Last week we did one with Max Sports & Fitness Magazine.  Both are featuring HealthSource.

These are just to name a few!

This is how you use the media to your advantage. I hope you’re not still chasing “likes” on Facebook or spending time constantly updating your Twitter and Instagram pages. Those resources are for staying connected to your CURRENT patient base…but no matter how witty your latest tweet, it will gain you zero new patients and be zero benefit to your local community.

In order to be successful you MUST stay connected and involve your local community. Engage them with real, current topics that are important to them! That’s the way to improve their lives.

If you are comfortable engaging your local news stations, and are up to speed on text-neck, start contacting local media now!  If this isn’t quite your comfort zone contact us to learn how HealthSource helps its owners stay in front of community marketing and serve more patients.  In fact, email me now and we can talk all about this.

I also talk all about this in my book, The Ultimate Practice Adjustment, which we’re giving away FREE. All you pay is shipping and handling ($2). If you want to learn about this and everything else I’ve learned building the largest chiropractic franchise in the world, go to www.TheUltimatePracticeAdjustment.com and order it there.

That’s all for this week!

I wish each of you MUCH practice success.

Chris Tomshack, D.C.

CEO HealthSource Chiropractic, Progressive Rehab & Wellness