Incredible Marketing Tips Just For You!

This one is short and full of very cool marketing and PR information for YOU. Want to know how to use the media—and in particular social media—to your advantage? Here’s a hint: it’s not by chasing Facebook likes.

See, the news media is finally jumping on the chiropractic bandwagon. Which is great, because they’re usually the last to take heed of cultural shifts. People are finally waking up to what we can do for them, but YOU still have to make sure they know who you’re the expert on chiropractic and wellness care.

This is what HealthSource has been doing and it’s meant a flood of new patients for our clinics. We’ve been pitching stories to local affiliates all over the country through our amazing marketing department, and our docs have been getting tons of new patients from the exposure.

Check out this CBS news story done on one of our clinics, HealthSource of Avon. The story is all about the concerning and growing trend of Text Neck:

The text neck story has also been picked up featuring HealthSource clinics by TV stations in Georgia and elsewhere.

The largest nursing magazine in the country will feature Dr. Sarah Jacobs in Hunstville, Alabama. Nurses make up the 2nd largest segment of chiropractic patients in so many of our clinics.

WBKO radio Boston is producing a story about back pain tips while shoveling snow, featuring HealthSource.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently featured Dr. Brandon Pettke, HealthSource of Burleson:

Entrepreneur Mag also did a great interview with me to be published very soon. Yesterday I had an interview with Fortune Magazine. Last week we did one with Max Sports & Fitness Magazine.  Both are featuring HealthSource.

These are just to name a few!

This is how you use the media to your advantage. I hope you’re not still chasing “likes” on Facebook or spending time constantly updating your Twitter and Instagram pages. Those resources are for staying connected to your CURRENT patient base…but no matter how witty your latest tweet, it will gain you zero new patients and be zero benefit to your local community.

In order to be successful you MUST stay connected and involve your local community. Engage them with real, current topics that are important to them! That’s the way to improve their lives.

If you are comfortable engaging your local news stations, and are up to speed on text-neck, start contacting local media now!  If this isn’t quite your comfort zone contact us to learn how HealthSource helps its owners stay in front of community marketing and serve more patients.  In fact, email me now and we can talk all about this.

I also talk all about this in my book, The Ultimate Practice Adjustment, which we’re giving away FREE. All you pay is shipping and handling ($2). If you want to learn about this and everything else I’ve learned building the largest chiropractic franchise in the world, go to and order it there.

That’s all for this week!

I wish each of you MUCH practice success.

Chris Tomshack, D.C.

CEO HealthSource Chiropractic, Progressive Rehab & Wellness


How Many Of Your Patients Are Doing This Today?

Pam was a 29 year old in seemingly great shape. She looked healthy, acted healthy, was full of energy and had a great outlook. I liked her the first time we met, which was at the third interview with her husband, Adam. She was a keeper!

After Adam was hired, he told me that Pam had a very bad back injury much earlier in life and that her doc told her she needed surgery. She’d been putting it off for years and she was in very bad pain. Often Adam would come home to find Pam in tears from the excruciating and debilitating pain. She tried all kinds of care. Nothing helped except the narcotics, which took the edge off at best. She’d been on them so long she now was dependent on them…and she and Adam both knew and it scared them. They both wanted kids but knew that as long as Pam was taking narcotics, it was too dangerous to try. Adam asked me for advice.

I told him that Americans consume about 80% of the world’s pain pill supply even though we make up only 4.6% of the world’s population. In fact, the CDC estimates that 15,000 people die every year in this country from overdoses involving opioid or narcotic pain relievers. Drug overdose death rates in the United States have more than tripled since 1990 and have never been higher. Vicodin prescriptions, the most popular pain pill in the country, have risen from 112 million in 2006 to 131 million today. Pills are killing 36,000 Americans a year and rising fast. Yep, this shook Adam up. Then we talked about a possible solution.

Since he had just started working for HealthSource, he didn’t have a good handle on our chiropractic and Progressive Rehab® programs for patients just like Pam. We discussed options. Adam went home and talked to Pam. She desperately wanted to try HealthSource, so she went to HealthSource of Avon.

Her problem was bad, real bad. I told them this was going to take some time. They were all in. Pam started care and stuck to it. She got to the point where she could finally ride in a car without terrible pain and thought maybe this was as good as it was going to get. She stopped care for a few months. The pain started coming back so Adam talked to me again. We had a meeting of the minds and he went home and talked to Pam and she re-started care. This was about 1.5 years ago.

Today is Adam’s first day back at work after having taken the last week off to be with Pam after the birth of their first son, Rowen! Pam is doing fantastic. She is out of pain, off all pain pills and has been for about a year and a half. This has changed two lives and created a third. It’ll probably create at least one more new life too!

State of the art care, which is what Progressive Rehab® is all about, delivers exceptional care, far better than what most patients receive in America today. Are you delivering world-class care? It’s not too late. You can evolve your care. We do it every year in HealthSource. Tell you what, go to You can learn more. We have a unique privilege to take care of people in need. Let’s deliver the best possible and propel chiropractic to the top!


All the best to you,

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc

HealthSource: Because everyone deserves world class care!


Hitler, Cocaine & Chiropractic

Adolph Hitler was a crazy, blood thirsty maniac...the embodiment of evil...this much you already knew.  Did you also know that he was addicted to cocaine and methamphetamines? He had two different personal physicians. One gave him daily cocaine eye drops to feed that addiction. The other gave him daily methamphetamine injections in addition to B6, iron and glucose. Hmm, administered by his personal physicians, daily. He truly believed this regimen would allow him to live to see global domination of his Third Reich. He thought wrong.

You’ve got to admit, the subject line of this email caught your attention, right? Where’d it come from? Last night I was camped out on my couch reading “Killing Patton” by O’Reilly. It’s a fantastic book steeped in fascinating history. Reading about Hitler’s insane, drug induced daily regimen caused me to lie the book down and think about what most Americans think is a good daily regimen. Worse, I started thinking about the concept of wellness care and how totally messed up that is in America and in most of the world. People look at chiropractors differently than medical doctors. By and large they expect us to know about health, nutrition and wellness.

What are you doing in YOUR clinic to educate your patients about real wellness care? What are you recommending they do for a wellness lifestyle? Do you even address it? Because know this: a maintenance adjustment is good, but you can offer so much more to your patients. You can offer real wellness care. And it’s easy to do.

Imagine what it would feel like for you to have 200 or more patients coming to your clinic once or twice a month for wellness care. Think of how you can impact their lives and the lives of the families. Think of the stress it takes off you because now you don’t have to always be hunting for new patients. 200 wellness patients a month! Feels incredible, doesn’t it? And yes, this is very, very possible in YOUR practice…….IF you know what to do.

Great practices take a great plan. Great practices that also give you freedom, allowing you to check out when you want to takes an outstanding plan with amazing implementation. Every DC is capable of achieving this outcome. This means you.

Tell you what, go online to Read a bit about how it’s done. You really can build a wonderfully successful practice without all the hype, without yelling and screaming, without dogma, without endless treatment plans, without high-pressure sales. Go to: The Ultimate Practice Adjustment


All the best to you,

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic: Because Everyone Deserves World-Class Care


Confessions Of A Busy Chiropractor

I’ve personally adjusted thousands and thousands of patients. In fact, I loved averaging 175 patients a day. I did but 4 things very well: diagnosis, communication, training my team and delivering outstanding adjustments. My well-trained team did everything else. They were phenomenal!  Though one HUGE dilemma always bothered me greatly, and here it is:

How do you REALLY know when it’s time to change a patient’s program of care and when is it REALLY time to transition the patient to wellness care or no care?

Come on now, this bothers you too, doesn’t it? How can it not cause massive angst, unless you are one of the few DC’s that truly practice a structural corrective care that can be proven to work? Or, maybe you just practice pain relief care, in which case you shouldn’t even be reading this email.

What’s always been missing from chiropractic is a valid outcomes measurement tool of YOUR care. I mean really valid: outcomes that can be measured by someone else, too. In other words, inter-examiner reliability is present to the nth degree. How about it? What are you doing to prove what you are doing is making real, functional change in your patient. Palpation is not functional change. Neither is posture. Neither is a huge goniometer placed on your patient’s shoulders. So what are you doing to measure the outcomes of YOUR care? How do you know when to change the program of care, release the patient or put them on wellness care? Guessing? Basing it on pain level? Palpation? Invalid SEMG. What?

Shooting blind archery with chiropractic patients should be over, totally over. Here’s what we at HealthSource do:

  1. All patients go through a Health Risk Assessment to measure the effects of their current status and lifestyle on their health. This is completely objective and it measures the beginning status, progress and end status. This is Massive for certainty.
  2. All patients go through the HealthSource Movement Screen, which is a functional screen to conclusively see and demonstrate and measure what functional deficits every patients has currently. This is completely objective and it measures the beginning status, progress and end status. This is Huge for certainty.
  3. All patients, by means of the high quality exam we provide, are measured with our Spinal Risk Assessment. This is completely objective and it measures the beginning status, progress and end status. This is monumental for certainty.

These 3 tools, when used correctly, take the guesswork out of chiropractic. This is called Best Practices. And I haven’t even mentioned the absolutely state of the art, functional based care programs our patients receive. So what are you doing with your patients? What provides certainty?

It’s 2015. Chiropractic is evolving by leaps and bounds every year. That’s not going to change. Are you current? Guess what, even if you just graduated you’re not current. But hope is here. Best Practices is here. Shoot me an email and I’ll point you in the right direction.

All the best to you and your patients,

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic, Because Every Patient Deserves World Class Care!


Groundhog Day, Einstein and YOU (yes, there's a connection...)

Good Afternoon everyone!

Way back in 1993 the hilarious movie Groundhog Day premiered. Remember when Bill Murray wakes up on one of the countless repetitive mornings and smashes the clock with a hammer? How about when he’s taking a bath and tosses an electrical appliance into the water with him?? That was one funny movie! Interestingly, Lisa’s family is from Punxsutawny.

The plot was simple. Every day, the alarm clock rings, a Sonny and Cher song plays on the radio and Murray wakes up to find its Groundhog Day, over and over. At first he’s ticked off and perplexed. As the movie rolls, he eventually begins to learn that he’s got an opportunity to do things different, to grow, to be a better person. He takes chances. Many DC’s have practices that are pretty much stuck in a repetitive pattern as well. It’s my opinion that it’s very easy to get in a rut and merely continue practicing, essentially practicing on autopilot, with little evolution in how you deliver care or how your practice runs. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone, but that’s not an excuse to stay that way.

We all know the definition of insanity…….doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You see, you just can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. Input has to change if you want your practice or your life to change.

We’re only 4 weeks into 2015. Certainly you’ve thought about how you’d like your year to end up. The next step is to work backwards, creating outcomes for each quarter of the year and then slicing that even further into monthly and weekly outcomes. You’ve done this, right? If not, expect 2015 to be a repeat of 2014; Groundhog Day over and over again. Life’s too short for that rat race.

What can you do differently today, this weekend, next week or next month to begin rally sculpting the lifestyle of your dreams? What don’t you like? What do you want to improve or even create from scratch? This is your life. Dream big!

PLEASE, make 2015 an entirely different experience than 2014. Eliminate the chiropractic Groundhog Day disease. Live big and be happy!