Subject: Would Henry Ford Want You To Drive A Model T Today?

Warning: you may find this message polarizing. It may even anger you. This morning I was responding to a Facebook message and I happened across a post by a DC that was really two pictures blended into one. On one side it showed BJ Palmer adjusting a patient with his Hole In One technique. Very cool! He and pioneering DC’s helped many patients over the years with that technique. The other side of the picture showed a DC of today using the same technique.

I’m a student of chiropractic technique, always have been. And the question I have is “If Henry Ford were alive today, would he be driving a Model T or a new 2015 Mustang Cobra? Both cars will arguably get you from a reasonable point A to point B, but which one gets you there faster and in much more comfort?

Fellow chiropractors, amazing advances are made every year in chiropractic technique. Even more advances are made in soft tissue techniques that work synergistically with great chiropractic care to give our patients tremendous results and value. And the kicker is that the day you graduate, your skill set is already outdated. Are you keeping up? Seriously, would you want to go to a dentist that uses 1920 technology? Back when I was a fresh doc, I attended a chiropractic seminar. A famous guru was present and he was adjusting all the attendees who volunteered. I volunteered. I was quickly herded into one line were I was scanned by someone who then jotted down my results on a small piece of paper. When it was my turn I handed the paper to the guru and he put me into a knee chest table and did a HIO adjustment. BOOM!

I swear I saw light when I was adjusted. To say it hurt is a huge understatement. It hurt like He$%. I was dizzy. I immediately got a massive headache, a headache that returned day after day after day. My neck was sore constantly. ROM was restricted. It took almost 2 months of constant chiropractic care to fix what this ‘guru’ did to my c-spine in 5 seconds. And in between delivering adjustments he was walking around the room with his copy of The Subluxation Specific The Adjustment Specific quoting from it and thumping it as if it were the bible. It was scary and unnerving. Following that experience I vowed to only use the most effective chiropractic care available, committing to upgrade my technique each and every year. It began a lifelong mission that created HealthSource.

It’s really about doing what’s best for our patients, not what’s best for our own interests. It’s about keeping their interests ahead of ours.  And on my search I learned about essential supplements; those supplements we absolutely need for health and healing and are commonly not in our diet. And no, it’s not some list of 15 things a patient ‘has’ to take. That’s ridiculous. It’s about just 4 at most.

And it’s also about staying current on the best soft tissue techniques. Trigger Point was state of the art a VERY long time ago. Compression Shearing and Compression Busting are light years ahead of trigger point and they’re not labor intensive. They won’t tire you out or destroy your hands. Roller tables were never state of the art. E-stim……….really? It’s about functional stretching and functional exercise. It’s about driving a Tesla or a Model T: they don’t compare.

If I’ve offended you in this piece, my only hope is that it causes you to examine that which you do in your office. Getting angry at me isn’t the answer. Be known for being the best. Deliver the best. Settle for nothing less. Your patients deserve it. You deserve it. At HealthSource, we live it. I love chiropractic and what we as chiropractors can do to help our patients. Questions? Message me or email me at and I’ll get back to you very soon.


All the best to you today,


Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


News Flash: More Money=Less Happiness

John walked to the bank to withdraw some money to pay for the next college term. He had been working since he was about age 10 and had saved up enough money to pay for all 8 years of college. He had just finished his first year at the University of Michigan. He was a premed major. The year was 1929.

John arrived at the bank to find it had closed by executive order of president Roosevelt. It was known as the Bank Holiday of 1929. All his money was gone and he was wiped out financially.  Being the oldest of the kids, the Great Depression forced him to go to work full time to help support the family. At 20 years old he took whatever he could get. He caddied at the golf course, peddled advertising ‘bills’ to homes door-to-door, pumped gas and even trapped muskrats for money to help his siblings eat and have shelter.

Eventually John was able to enter a unique teacher’s degree program, attend classes for two months at a time and then clean floors in the University Hospital for a couple more months. This cycle kept repeating. It took 6.5 years to finish his degree. He then went on to earn a master’s degree. He also did all the coursework on his Ph.D. John never gave up. In his own words in a letter my Grandpa wrote to me on February 7, 1990, he told me “so, don’t give up once you start – it takes money and time, but the rewards are great. Love, Grandpa T.”

My Grandpa went from excelling in premed while also coaching a high school boy’s varsity basketball team to a state championship and having all his money in the bank for 8 year’s of college, all at the young age of 20, to pumping gas for money to help feed his siblings a few months later, all in the blink of an eye.

So my question for you is a simple one to ask, but more complicated to answer. “What is preventing you from living the life you’d always hoped you’d live?” I’m not just talking about income. I’m really talking about happiness. As Aristotle said, happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” The newest research on happiness shows that Americans, even though we have a high quality of life in general, are overall very unhappy, with over 50% even clinically depressed. Are you happy? Did you know that the higher up the socioeconomic scale we climb, we are generally even less happy? Doesn’t that blow you away?

Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way. Happiness, as Aristotle also said, is up to you. If you are not fired up almost every single morning to face the day, head to work and experience tons of happiness, something is very wrong. At HealthSource, one of our core values is happiness. All the cash in the world is not worth being chronically unhappy. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy right now?

HealthSource doesn’t promise to quadruple your practice or miraculously drive in 150 new patients in 90 days. We don’t tell you that a ‘cash practice’ or ‘integrated practice’ will make you tons of money (and hey, aren’t the concepts totally opposite?) Let the charlatans spout that tripe. We do show you how to systematize your practice to up the happiness quotient in your life while systematically building your practice so it no longer depends on you being in the trenches 100% of the time. It’s about lifestyle. It’s about simplicity. It’s about happiness. My Grandpa passed away 20 years ago. He taught me some valuable lessons. Anything worth achieving does take effort. What is your biggest challenge that’s preventing all your days to be a 9 or 10? Shoot me your answers and questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best happiness to you,  your family and your team,

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


You Just Lost A New Patient

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were vacationing in Ashville, North Carolina. We rented this very cool chalet on a ski resort on a beautiful mountain. It was serene. And amazingly, the place was almost empty. It was beautiful, with every early morning spent with my amazing bride, Lisa, green tea in hand, gazing at the beautiful mountains as the sun softly climbed into the sky. Man, this was peaceful! And what made this even better was that Dr. Jim Hoven (a hugely talented executive at HealthSource) and his wonderful wife, Shawna, were with us.

Well let me tell you, we did some serious running up and down the slopes and up a few thousand steps at Chimney Rock. This was exhilarating and fun! And one day, after we  finished white water rafting, we stopped at the ski resort’s ‘sundry’ shop to look around. Here’s what we saw. Tumbleweed was blowing down the aisles. No one was present. No employee was there to sell us some tea or snacks, even though there were things to buy on the shelves; not a ton of things, but items were present and for sale. As it turns out, the only employee around was next door surfing the web.

So what’s this got to do with you losing a New Patient?

Here’s the deal. Most coaches out there teach you to do things like structuring your practice so that it serves your needs first. Most of the docs I’ve met believe this to be true. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Do this at you and your practice’s peril. It must be all about your patient and your patient’s experience, not yours.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, one of the most successful companies in the world, put it this way: “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

Are your patients ‘invited guests’ to the party? Is it all about them and their convenience and not yours?

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of, put it another way: “We asked ourselves what we wanted this company to stand for. We didn't want to just sell shoes. I wasn't even into shoes - but I was passionate about customer service.” is an incredible success and it was sold to Amazon for 1.2 billion dollars only 10 years after it was founded. How could it be worth so much? They focused most of their attention on their customers, not their own comforts and convenience.

Indulge me one more time. Mark Cuban, the owner of professional sports teams, entrepreneur and the guy on Shark Tank, said: “Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.” This means exactly what it says, which is that your service must be highly convenient for your patients, and not based on your perceived needs.

Certainly you can name some people that have built some financially successful practices while having the focus entirely on them, but they are few and far between. And worse, they leave no lasting legacy behind. The company never achieves the highest basic need of humans, which is to do something bigger than ourselves. That’s a shame, and it makes for a one or two-dimensional life at best.

What’s all this mean to you? It means make your office all about your patient and their wonderful experience. At HealthSource we call this WOWing the patient on each and every visit. It means exceeding their expectations. It means making it easy for them to chose care in a HealthSource office by having convenient hours, affordable payment options, filing the insurance for the patient, making it a fun and zany environment each day, and it means the patient gets the very best care possible to get the most incredible results available.

Does your office match the last paragraph? It should. If not, shoot me your questions to and I’ll get back to you personally. Remember, it should always be ‘what’s best for the patient’, not the doctor.

All the best,

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc.


What does a 1972 Chevy Nova and so many chiropractors have in common? 


What Chiropractors and Lebron James Have In Common?

As I’m writing this, the main news story is about Lebron James and conjecture on where he’s going to play basketball next season. You may remember in 2010 when he announced on TV that he was ‘taking his talent to South Beach’. Now that his contract is up, he wants maximum salary. And hey, the guy is good, very good, and we all deserve to earn as much as our talent is worth: no more, no less. That’s called fair exchange and we should all demand it.

Lebron chose to leave Cleveland way back in 2010 and go to Miami in order to win a national championship and to win one at all costs, regardless of what that did to Cleveland or the players, owner and fans. It was all about him, period.

So what does Lebron have to do with chiropractic?  Simple. Way too many DC’s and guru’s alike are now preaching and doing only what is best for them, with little to no regard for the patient. Hear me out on this one please. What I mean is that we’ve got boatloads of chiropractors that still use antiquated roller tables and E-stim (which both have negligible value) on just about every patient that walks in the door. Many patients are given highly questionable care plans with no end in sight and couple them with roller tables and e-stim, which are used to primarily increase the ‘case value’ of the patient. Is this right? Is it ethical?

I think not. Plus, it gives chiro’s a bad name. Yet we still, in 2014, have guru’s teaching this tripe! We still, in 2014, have chiropractor’s doling out these ridiculous care plans when there are simple and effective ways to work with our patients that yield results light years ahead of that Model T concept of care.

And don’t get me started on the ‘cash practice’ concept. Maybe that’ll be another email in the future……

Doctors, the 6th need of humans is to do something that is bigger than ourselves. Nowhere do roller tables and e-stim fit into that picture. What does is providing truly the very best care possible that works synergistically with the adjustment to really move into the wellness model of health. It’s the logical evolution of chiropractic. We’ve always called ourselves wellness docs. The time is now to truly take wellness over. BJ knew this 80 years ago and acted on it.

I challenge you: do the very best for your patients. Start today. Questions? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  All the best this weekend and please, contemplate how to do something bigger than yourself, something that leaves an effect long after you’re gone. Are you doing that now?

BTW: Lebron is headed back to Cleveland……I’m hopeful!!


Chris Tomshack DC
CEO HealthSource Chiropractic