The Frisbee Update

Let’s talk frisbees for a moment.

The Frisbee slowly kept ascending into the sky, higher and higher while traveling deeper into my backyard. My German Shepherd, Star, all 115 pounds of her, was fully engaged in hot pursuit of the flying disc. She couldn’t quite catch it. She was prevented for two reasons. First, she’s a darn big dog and dogs her size aren’t usually the best at playing catch. Second, the Frisbee was thrown by my older son, T, and he’s used to pitching high velocity baseballs, not Frisbees. Bottom line, neither Star nor T are particularly adept at playing catch and retrieve with a Frisbee, in spite of the fact that T is taking an ultimate Frisbee class at Ohio University this term. Do they really get credit for playing frisbee? Am I paying for that class?

It didn’t really matter how hard Star wanted to catch that thing, she hasn’t practiced and she hasn’t developed the fundamentals. The same goes for T.

This summer I sent you 30 different 1-2 minute videos. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask me how to become more successful either in practice or in some other business. Launching into long term success requires a dedication to master the un-sexy, which means an un-defeatable passion to master the fundamentals. That’s call blocking and tackling mastery. The 30 short videos outlined exactly how to proceed, how you can master the blocking and tackling of chiropractic required for building the lifestyle of your dreams, in whatever terms that means to you.

Many HealthSource docs wrote me about the impact of the videos. In EVERY case, these emails were written by doctors that were already progressing very well in their mastery. Every doc had a great practice. Every-single -one. This demonstrates to me that the people who made the short investment in time to watch the videos did so because they wanted more, yet they were also already building practices far more successful than most. Success leaves clues. I also fielded a number of calls from some docs that had questions on building a better practice. In every single case they did not watch the video. Every-single-one. Mediocrity leaves clues, too.

We are rapidly approaching the 4th quarter of 2015. Are you on track to hit your 2015 goals, personally and professionally? If so, GREAT! But if not, my suggestion is that you do what successful doctors do. Go back and watch the 30 videos from July and August. Play them at every morning huddle for the next 30 business days. Discuss them. Determine how to correctly implement each one. Make this the only focus of every huddle for 30 days. Many of the docs that wrote me were doing thus that, and if you want more success, emulate what the ultra successful do.

BTW, we made some incredible pumpkin protein pancakes last night. Talk about delicious and healthy and they make phenomenal snacks for you and your family. Want the recipe? Email me!

All the best to you!!

Chris Tomshack DC


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