What Chiropractors and Lebron James Have In Common?

As I’m writing this, the main news story is about Lebron James and conjecture on where he’s going to play basketball next season. You may remember in 2010 when he announced on TV that he was ‘taking his talent to South Beach’. Now that his contract is up, he wants maximum salary. And hey, the guy is good, very good, and we all deserve to earn as much as our talent is worth: no more, no less. That’s called fair exchange and we should all demand it.

Lebron chose to leave Cleveland way back in 2010 and go to Miami in order to win a national championship and to win one at all costs, regardless of what that did to Cleveland or the players, owner and fans. It was all about him, period.

So what does Lebron have to do with chiropractic?  Simple. Way too many DC’s and guru’s alike are now preaching and doing only what is best for them, with little to no regard for the patient. Hear me out on this one please. What I mean is that we’ve got boatloads of chiropractors that still use antiquated roller tables and E-stim (which both have negligible value) on just about every patient that walks in the door. Many patients are given highly questionable care plans with no end in sight and couple them with roller tables and e-stim, which are used to primarily increase the ‘case value’ of the patient. Is this right? Is it ethical?

I think not. Plus, it gives chiro’s a bad name. Yet we still, in 2014, have guru’s teaching this tripe! We still, in 2014, have chiropractor’s doling out these ridiculous care plans when there are simple and effective ways to work with our patients that yield results light years ahead of that Model T concept of care.

And don’t get me started on the ‘cash practice’ concept. Maybe that’ll be another email in the future……

Doctors, the 6th need of humans is to do something that is bigger than ourselves. Nowhere do roller tables and e-stim fit into that picture. What does is providing truly the very best care possible that works synergistically with the adjustment to really move into the wellness model of health. It’s the logical evolution of chiropractic. We’ve always called ourselves wellness docs. The time is now to truly take wellness over. BJ knew this 80 years ago and acted on it.

I challenge you: do the very best for your patients. Start today. Questions? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  All the best this weekend and please, contemplate how to do something bigger than yourself, something that leaves an effect long after you’re gone. Are you doing that now?

BTW: Lebron is headed back to Cleveland……I’m hopeful!!


Chris Tomshack DC
CEO HealthSource Chiropractic

Here’s the Answer to the Question That Can DRIVE Your Practice

It’s the first week of July 2014, and chiropractic is an industry in flux, with changes being forced upon it by many forces, most of which is patient driven. And just 2 weeks ago I was talking to a doc that at one time had a million dollar practice. Today it’s less than a third of that, to about $275K. Talk about a massive drop.

The doc wanted to know what happened. And you know it’s a complex question to answer. Because what I saw in his practice was that he hadn’t upgraded ANYTHING in years, especially patient care. I asked him what his life’s purpose was and he did NOT know. Do you know your life’s purpose?

Is it adjusting patients? Can it really be so elemental or is it deeper, much deeper? Give it some thought right now. In one or two sentences, what is your life’s purpose? Take a minute and think about it, maybe even right it down. Don’t worry about getting it perfect.

What did you come up with? Was it easy or difficult? You see, if your life’s purpose is congruent between your values and your beliefs, you will continue to grow. To foster some thought on your part, here’s my life’s purpose: To serve both my creator and others by helping them live better, more impactful and successful lives that achieve their vision.

Can you see how my life’s purpose forces me to continue to grow? Does your purpose force you to grow, to evolve and to become better and better each year? If it does, you will be successful, very successful in much of what you do. If not, stagnation sets in just about every single time. Whenever I see a doc that is struggling, incongruence exists in their lives, effectively putting a cement barrier in front of their path, stopping them cold and leaving them usually wondering why.

So let me just leave you with a short assignment. Write out your life’s purpose. It doesn’t need to be perfect, not by any stretch. Mine changes all the time to one degree or another. That’s ok and normal.  What’s important is that you identify your life’s purpose NOW. If you know it, you and your practice can grow for the long haul. If not, gains are short term if at all.

Questions? Shoot me an email ( and I’ll do what I can to help. Life is an amazing journey and if we are committed to asking ourselves the question “what’s great about this”, we can evolve and grow throughout our lives.

Have an outstanding day, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


Dr. Chris Tomshack gives you an easy way to introduce wellness into your patients' lives.

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What’s it Gonna Take?

What’s unusual about the picture below?

Sitting in the sunroom of our house at about 12:45 am early this morning was a quieting experience. Earlier, a wicked thunderstorm swept through, knocking limbs down everywhere. The power went out for a bit. Now it was softly raining and the only other noise present was the occasional stirring of my 112-lb German Shepherd, Star, as she slept at my feet.


I was reading, for a second time, the most profound book on communication I’ve ever read. And I was taking notes for future study and to continue to improve. I started to get tired.


I tip-toed to bed so as not to wake my wife, Lisa. In what seemed like about 2 hours, I was up at 6 am, making the bed and getting ready for the gym. I make the bed as soon as I get up to start the day immediately with a sense of discipline and accomplishment. Then it was off to the kitchen for some BCAA’s and a cup of organic coffee with coconut oil. The day had started right.


It was still raining when I pulled into the gym, ready for a HIT workout. The gym was noticeably empty, with only about a third of the regulars present. There’s always something about poor weather that seems to keep the gym empty. I’ve never understood why, because it’s gonna be bad weather whether or not you’re at the gym……may as well get a workout in, right?


As I looked around the gym, almost all of the regular females were absent. And this is a serious gym, usually packed with people getting in ‘real’ workouts! But you know, rarely do I see what you saw in the picture above.


That’s Dr. Lynssey Jepson, a HealthSource clinic owner in Minneapolis with an amazing story and an amazing life. She and her husband Dr. Kyle, also a very talented HealthSource clinic owner (different practice that he owns and manages but does not practice in) are pursuing and living their dreams.


What’s different about the picture of Lynssey is that you’ll note she is doing a real squat. Not many people do those because they are difficult, even though they yield incredible benefits. You’ll also note she’s pregnant: 6.5 months in her case. And instead of sitting at home feeling uncomfortable and gaining too much weight, she’s pounding out squats in the gym! This is dedication and determination. This is what builds massive success, which is exactly what she and Kyle are achieving.


As H.L. Hunt said “decide what you want. Decide what you are willing to exchange for it.  Establish your priorities and get to work.”


Look around you. Are you jazzed about what you see, hear, smell and feel? Are you truly dedicated to continuing to grow yourself in all areas so that you are participating fully in life and playing full out? Or do you go home and camp out in front of the TV to escape reality? It’s totally your choice and you have the power.


Questions? Chiropractic is an absolutely incredible profession and the potential for success is Huge. Looking for more? Shoot me an message and let’s talk about it.




Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


Dr. Tomshack Explains: Full Moon & Friday the 13th and What That Means To Your Practice

This past Tuesday night I was standing in the middle of the woods surrounded by huge pine trees gently blowing in the breeze as rain lightly fell from the grey, eater-soaked clouds. In front of me was a beautiful lake glowing in the light of the almost-full moon. It was peaceful. It was perfect.


By the way, you likely already know that tonight is not only a full moon, but it’s also called a ‘honey moon’ since it’s a full moon in June. What’s more, it’s Friday the 13th. All of these occurrences haven’t happened on the same night since 1919. It won’t happen again until 2098. If you’re able and the clouds are absent, get outside tonight and enjoy the beautiful event with someone you love. Relax and enjoy the moment. Be present.


So what was I doing in the woods? Well, I happen to have what I call a ‘baseball van’. It’s a rather large Sprinter van with many of the amenities of home. Lisa (my beautiful bride) and I use it to travel to all my older son’s college baseball games. It allows us the freedom to take turns driving while the other works and to eat excellent nutrition while travelling. Occasionally, if I’m on a trip alone, such as when I visit HealthSource clinics within 5-7 hours away, I’ll even sleep in the van since it has a decent bed.


This particular day I was visiting our clinics in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, so I chose to do something I’d never done before; I parked in a secluded campground, plugged the van in, and had a very relaxing evening and night. In the morning I showered (there’s a rather small shower on board) and whipped up an amazing VitaMix vegetable and protein smoothie. Why am I telling you this?


Because each of us has the power within us to chose and follow our dreams. We can achieve almost anything we put our minds to if we maintain focus and purpose. And so when I go to each of our offices, the goal is to efficiently figure out what the next steps are for each HealthSource family member to implement correctly to move them closer to their vision. All it takes is proper mentorship and follow through.


What are your dreams? Are you moving towards them at a pace that is satisfactory to you? If not, why not? Do you have a mentor or mentors that have already achieved that which you desire? If not, your first step may be to find a mentor now. It can mean the difference between amazing success and an incredible lifestyle or stumbling along in mediocrity. Chose Success! Our great profession needs more wildly successful doctors. What’s more, people deserve top notch chiropractic care.


Questions: shoot me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. And don’t forget to get out tonight and enjoy the magnificent moonlight!




Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic