Depression Surrounds You

Yesterday an old junior high, high school and college friend asked me to take a look at his youngest son, Luke, a 13 year old 8th grader. Luke just finished football season and has a week off until basketball starts. His low back has been really sore for about a month and his father and my friend, Rick, was getting worried. So I told Rick to bring Luke up to my office. Yes, even though I no longer practice I do have an adjusting table at the office and at home.

So as we’re walking back to the adjusting table, I’m watching Rick and Luke walk: call it an old habit. It was interesting. Luke was walking with a really good energy. Rick was not. Rick was sort of shuffling a bit with his head mostly down, looking at the floor in front of him. To me, that’s a warning sign.

I said to Rick, “how you doing, pal?”  He replied, “I’m pretty tired. My back is sore. My hip hurts and my sugar is high.” Well that’s enough to depress most people.

I’m thinking to myself, “look how you’re carrying yourself. You’re walking around like you’re depressed, have no energy and no future.” That’s NOT what you want to model to your kids, and that’s not the guy I grew up with.”

Let me share a huge secret with you. Your MOTION determines your EMOTION. In other words, your physiology determines your thoughts and how you express them. Think about it a moment. Amazon is filled with books on psychobabble. Books that tell you to examine your childhood to try to figure out what happened to you that caused your current situation. What a waste of time! That’s called living in the problem, not the solution. It’s what many therapists tell you to do. Hogwash! Maybe that’s why many people in therapy have to go forever.

And there’s some very credible research that demonstrates that we actually have a genetically set range in which our degree of happiness generally resides. That does NOT mean your happiness level is out of your control. Quite the contrary is true. You can literally condition your mind and body to elevate your mood simply and easily.

One very quick method, which I use every single day, is to change my motion in order to change my emotion. This means that when I realize that I’m not at a peak state that I enjoy and that enables me to be happy and help others to be happy, I change my physiology. ‘Well how the heck do you do that’, you ask?

First I change my posture and cadence to one of extreme certainty and positivity. My walk quickens. My heads rises up. My shoulders get pulled back. I breathe deeper. I talk louder, with positive emotion. Often I’ll yell out some incantations, which are sort of an affirmation with massive positive emotion. And you know what happens every single time I change my motion? My emotion follows suit and mirrors my motion.

It’s really that simple. And you can teach your family and your patients how to do this as well. It’s bringing wellness into their lives. It’s paying it forward. It’s making a substantive change in your life and in the lives of countless others. It’s called making a difference. The world is full of depressed people. It’s at record highs. You CAN help reverse that ridiculous trend. Start with yourself and teach others. This really is one Huge aspect of wellness and it gives you the opportunity to do so much more for your patients in addition to their chiropractic care. It changes lives.

Questions? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you pronto.

All the best today!

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


What’s Wrong With Your Treatment Plans?

Early this morning I had a brief conversation with the guy working at my gym. He was perplexed. He’s a chemistry major hoping to become a doctor and he was lamenting about all the different options that are available today to help patients get better and maintain some semblance of health. His thought process went like this: “how do you figure out what options are right for each patient, especially when new things are coming out every year?”

Well that’s a good question now, isn’t it? You’re faced with answering that question with every patient that walks into the office. And you know, we have a nasty affliction in chiropractic that I’ll wager affects about 75% of the docs. That affliction is called complacence, and patients are the ones that suffer as a result. Are you complacent? Do you continue to rely on what you were taught back in school or at some seminar? Are you using a chiropractic technique from the 1970’s, or worse, even earlier? Are you continually searching for ways to help your patients heal better, faster and stronger? Or are you still relying on various types of e-stim, ultrasound, cold laser or roller tables? Get the picture yet?

You and I both know that new advances are being made every year that can improve how you take care of your patients. The question is, ‘how are you supposed to figure out what’s best and how to incorporate it into your care plans?’ There’s only so much time in a day and you can’t be expected to traipse off to a seminar every month in search of knowledge while you ignore your family, can you?

This spring, HealthSource has our once a year convention, which we call SuperCamp. We have a team of docs that comb the research, read the books, attend the seminars and then carefully determine what we’ll teach our docs and their teams every year. We do all this so that the millions of patients that the HealthSource family sees every year gets the very best care available for the very best results. It’s our mantra: ‘the relentless pursuit of exceptional care’ and we’re deeply committed to delivering the goods every year. And then we teach the teams, not just the docs, so that they are competent in assisting the doc in delivering truly state of the art care, relieving the doc of most of the effort. Now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

At our next SuperCamp we’re breaking it all down in recipe-like format for the patients we generally see and treat, all so that determining what’s best for the patient is made as simple as possible.

And if this resonates with you, contact me and I’ll put you in touch with one of our monthly pod trainings in your area in which a small group of our docs and their teams get together to train and become the very best at efficiently delivering superior care. You can attend a pod training as my guest. This allows you to get a good glimpse inside of HealthSource and see what we do that makes us the best. Email me at and I’ll get the ball rolling for you to attend a pod training. You’ll love it!

Have an awesome day today!


Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic



How do I Get More New Patients Without Doing Lectures?

Last week a doc was approached me and said, “all I hear about anymore is doing employee lectures to drive in new patients. I hate doing lectures. What am I supposed to do to get more new patients?”

The sobering fact is that the amount of new patients now being seen by chiropractors is dropping. I don’t mean to depress you, but that’s the fact. It does NOT have to be your reality, not by a long stretch. If it is, it’s your fault. You see there are many ways to increase your new patient numbers. The first and most important strategy is to provide the very best care available to all your patients. And e-stim, ultrasound, roller tables and cold laser are NOT the best level of care……not even close.

Let’s assume you are delivering the best care in your community and you are running internal promotions to spark more referrals from your patients because you’ve blown them away with incredible results. What’s next? What’s the Holy Grail of chiropractic marketing, that if you knew how to do it you’d be set free from worrying about new patients?

Guess what, it’s not internet marketing. This can be effective, but it’s a bit complicated and sophisticated, and I’ll send you another email on it very soon. The Holy Grail is actually direct mail. Other than what we are now doing at HealthSource, I personally know of NO other chiropractor or chiropractic entity that knows how to do this right. And just last week, we tested a new direct mail piece. We sent it out to a community and within just 3 days, it generated 17 highly motivated new patients into one of our clinics. 17!  In just 3 days! And no lectures were done, no internet marketing, no telemarketing, period. Is this a guarantee? Of course it isn’t. I tell you this to let you know it can be done. In fact, it is being done right now!

Listen, everyone is promoting in-office and out of office lectures and internet marketing. There’s a ton of clutter out there. I learned a long time ago that when everyone moves in a certain direction, if you want to be a winner you move in the opposite direction. If you want to be seen, you must be different. You must be out of the crowd. You must lead, not follow.

Direct mail does take a lot of testing, a lot of rewriting, and a lot of work. In HealthSource, we do all this for our docs. In fact, we also do all the heavy lifting of coordinating the direct mail marketing for our docs so they just need to take care of  the new patients. Did you go to college for 8 years to be a marketing guru? Face it, it’s a more complicated world we practice in now. Having a partner is extremely helpful. For sanity’s sake, it’s essential.

Questions? Shoot me an email to I look forward to hearing from you. Have an outstanding day!




Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


Subject: Would Henry Ford Want You To Drive A Model T Today?

Warning: you may find this message polarizing. It may even anger you. This morning I was responding to a Facebook message and I happened across a post by a DC that was really two pictures blended into one. On one side it showed BJ Palmer adjusting a patient with his Hole In One technique. Very cool! He and pioneering DC’s helped many patients over the years with that technique. The other side of the picture showed a DC of today using the same technique.

I’m a student of chiropractic technique, always have been. And the question I have is “If Henry Ford were alive today, would he be driving a Model T or a new 2015 Mustang Cobra? Both cars will arguably get you from a reasonable point A to point B, but which one gets you there faster and in much more comfort?

Fellow chiropractors, amazing advances are made every year in chiropractic technique. Even more advances are made in soft tissue techniques that work synergistically with great chiropractic care to give our patients tremendous results and value. And the kicker is that the day you graduate, your skill set is already outdated. Are you keeping up? Seriously, would you want to go to a dentist that uses 1920 technology? Back when I was a fresh doc, I attended a chiropractic seminar. A famous guru was present and he was adjusting all the attendees who volunteered. I volunteered. I was quickly herded into one line were I was scanned by someone who then jotted down my results on a small piece of paper. When it was my turn I handed the paper to the guru and he put me into a knee chest table and did a HIO adjustment. BOOM!

I swear I saw light when I was adjusted. To say it hurt is a huge understatement. It hurt like He$%. I was dizzy. I immediately got a massive headache, a headache that returned day after day after day. My neck was sore constantly. ROM was restricted. It took almost 2 months of constant chiropractic care to fix what this ‘guru’ did to my c-spine in 5 seconds. And in between delivering adjustments he was walking around the room with his copy of The Subluxation Specific The Adjustment Specific quoting from it and thumping it as if it were the bible. It was scary and unnerving. Following that experience I vowed to only use the most effective chiropractic care available, committing to upgrade my technique each and every year. It began a lifelong mission that created HealthSource.

It’s really about doing what’s best for our patients, not what’s best for our own interests. It’s about keeping their interests ahead of ours.  And on my search I learned about essential supplements; those supplements we absolutely need for health and healing and are commonly not in our diet. And no, it’s not some list of 15 things a patient ‘has’ to take. That’s ridiculous. It’s about just 4 at most.

And it’s also about staying current on the best soft tissue techniques. Trigger Point was state of the art a VERY long time ago. Compression Shearing and Compression Busting are light years ahead of trigger point and they’re not labor intensive. They won’t tire you out or destroy your hands. Roller tables were never state of the art. E-stim……….really? It’s about functional stretching and functional exercise. It’s about driving a Tesla or a Model T: they don’t compare.

If I’ve offended you in this piece, my only hope is that it causes you to examine that which you do in your office. Getting angry at me isn’t the answer. Be known for being the best. Deliver the best. Settle for nothing less. Your patients deserve it. You deserve it. At HealthSource, we live it. I love chiropractic and what we as chiropractors can do to help our patients. Questions? Message me or email me at and I’ll get back to you very soon.


All the best to you today,


Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic


News Flash: More Money=Less Happiness

John walked to the bank to withdraw some money to pay for the next college term. He had been working since he was about age 10 and had saved up enough money to pay for all 8 years of college. He had just finished his first year at the University of Michigan. He was a premed major. The year was 1929.

John arrived at the bank to find it had closed by executive order of president Roosevelt. It was known as the Bank Holiday of 1929. All his money was gone and he was wiped out financially.  Being the oldest of the kids, the Great Depression forced him to go to work full time to help support the family. At 20 years old he took whatever he could get. He caddied at the golf course, peddled advertising ‘bills’ to homes door-to-door, pumped gas and even trapped muskrats for money to help his siblings eat and have shelter.

Eventually John was able to enter a unique teacher’s degree program, attend classes for two months at a time and then clean floors in the University Hospital for a couple more months. This cycle kept repeating. It took 6.5 years to finish his degree. He then went on to earn a master’s degree. He also did all the coursework on his Ph.D. John never gave up. In his own words in a letter my Grandpa wrote to me on February 7, 1990, he told me “so, don’t give up once you start – it takes money and time, but the rewards are great. Love, Grandpa T.”

My Grandpa went from excelling in premed while also coaching a high school boy’s varsity basketball team to a state championship and having all his money in the bank for 8 year’s of college, all at the young age of 20, to pumping gas for money to help feed his siblings a few months later, all in the blink of an eye.

So my question for you is a simple one to ask, but more complicated to answer. “What is preventing you from living the life you’d always hoped you’d live?” I’m not just talking about income. I’m really talking about happiness. As Aristotle said, happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” The newest research on happiness shows that Americans, even though we have a high quality of life in general, are overall very unhappy, with over 50% even clinically depressed. Are you happy? Did you know that the higher up the socioeconomic scale we climb, we are generally even less happy? Doesn’t that blow you away?

Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way. Happiness, as Aristotle also said, is up to you. If you are not fired up almost every single morning to face the day, head to work and experience tons of happiness, something is very wrong. At HealthSource, one of our core values is happiness. All the cash in the world is not worth being chronically unhappy. Be honest with yourself. Are you happy right now?

HealthSource doesn’t promise to quadruple your practice or miraculously drive in 150 new patients in 90 days. We don’t tell you that a ‘cash practice’ or ‘integrated practice’ will make you tons of money (and hey, aren’t the concepts totally opposite?) Let the charlatans spout that tripe. We do show you how to systematize your practice to up the happiness quotient in your life while systematically building your practice so it no longer depends on you being in the trenches 100% of the time. It’s about lifestyle. It’s about simplicity. It’s about happiness. My Grandpa passed away 20 years ago. He taught me some valuable lessons. Anything worth achieving does take effort. What is your biggest challenge that’s preventing all your days to be a 9 or 10? Shoot me your answers and questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best happiness to you,  your family and your team,

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic