Goals won't change your what will? 



Success leaves clues: in chiropractic, in business and in your friends……

One of the best ways to achieve what we want to achieve is by modeling the behavior of those that have achieved what we desire to achieve

Think about that for a minute.  When I was a new doc I went and shadowed 2 pretty successful docs. I took notes. I studied. I learned. In no time I was much busier than them and one of them came back and studied what I did (Lynn Griffen: special consult).

One of the repetitive common denominators was that successful docs invested in their own personal, chiropractic and business development. Have you noticed this? Have you asked others? So exactly what do those you respect and admire attend? Seminars? CD’s? DVD’s? Personal coaching? What do they do?

What dovetails with this is the fact that these successful docs always invest in their teams as well, virtually every single time. It’s amazing. I took that cue and did the same. The results tell the tale. (story about taking Sandy to Columbus, no phone. Did this when I had nothing, no money, nothing) Never looked back.

Goals don’t change lives. Motivation does not change your life. So what’s the key? It’s called ACTION. I recommend you model highly successful doctors and pay attention to how they train themselves and their team. It’s a universal denominator.

At HS, our upcoming SuperCamp is where our docs and teams come together and we sharpen our axes, learn the newest and best ways to get supercharged results with our patients AND in building our practices. IF nothing else, get you and your team some fantastic training asap. Never stop. It’s what winners do.

Remember, those that take action are those that become and stay ultrasuccessful.


4 Simple Steps to Boost Your Chiropractic Practice


What Must Be Done During the Holiday Slowdown

The subtle hints began about 8 months ago when my youngest son, Zack, started martial arts lessons. They went like this, “Dad, do you know where your black belt is? Dad, where are your old Tae Kwon Do uniforms? Do you still know how to tie your belt? Can you still do a side kick?”

 Yep, he wanted me to join him in training. The immense guilt I felt was derived from the fact that I used to train about 10 years ago with my oldest son, and Zack was well aware of it. So I’ve felt in a corner on this subject for the last 8 months. I already work out  early in the morning quite hard 6 days a week and stretch on the 7th. Seriously, 3-4 more workouts now in the evening too? I haven’t trained in martial arts in 10 years. 10 years! I remember no forms, no rituals, and my kicks are way off from my prime. I’ll feel stupid. I’ll feel old. It’s a different school. It’s a huge school with a huge amount of black belts, and all of them will be ‘sizing me up, wondering ‘whose the new guy? Why is he just now learning the basic forms? Is that a real black belt? I can’t wait to spar with him and teach him a lesson!’

 Last week I started thinking about 2012 and all that HealthSource accomplished, all that I accomplished too. The following FACT hit me hard.

 Our current circumstances are the direct result of the decisions we’ve made in the past. And get this; the decisions we’ve made in the past are the direct result of what we believe to be true about ourselves. And it gets even deeper with this thought; what we believe to be true about ourselves was often handed to us much earlier in life by our parents, teachers, events and various circumstances.

I read every day. I meditate every day. I invest time in improving who I am and what I’m capable of doing every single day. It’s part of my daily rituals. And what I know is that we can totally throw in the trash what we believe to be true about ourselves. Then we can import new truths, and as is taught in The Secret and by Neville and countless others is that when we make the conscious decision to accept these new truths as already being in place, we can realize them in our life.

 Most practices slow down for a solid 2-3 weeks starting Christmas day. It’s inevitable. It’s ok. What you must do if you wish to have a better year in 2013 than what you achieved in 2012 is to take concentrated time to clearly write out your personal, family and business goals for 2013. Make them believable. And list out the Action Steps necessary to achieve them. Break them down into small steps. Discuss them with your spouse, your family, and your mentors. Review them daily all year. Then think about what you believe about yourself to be true. Get honest. When you see what you don’t like, and you will, REPLACE them with new truths. Do it in writing.

 One of my beliefs was that I was too busy, too long out of it, possibly too stiff and I exercised enough so that I did NOT need to train in martial arts with Zack. Last week, I realized that was a completely BS belief based in fear. I threw out the belief and replaced it with a new one. As a result, last night was my first Tae Kwon Do workout in a decade. I’m not too terribly sore and Zack is ecstatic. It’ll help me be a better father and generate at least several more hours a week of great time with Zack.

 What is it that you would like to change about yourself or your clinic in 2013? What self limiting beliefs have you uncovered? What are your goals for 2013? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

 And by the way, if the Mayan calendar ending in just 3 more days causes the world to end, I guess you’re off the hook on setting your goals. But if the world continues after the 21st, and I suspect it will, let’s get to work!


 Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Wellness®


Election Results Implications For Your Practice

 Wow, I’ve been totally inundated with questions about the direction of chiropractic and health care in general since the election results. Everyone wants to know what the election means to their chiropractic practice. No one has a crystal ball that’s perfectly in-tune at all times. That being said, let’s discuss both the implications AND the solutions for YOUR practice, because we’re already a month post election and the clock is ticking.

 Get this, just 2 days after the election, the largest insurance company in Ohio unilaterally fired hundreds of employees in one fell swoop…..hundreds, just in Cleveland alone. This is happening all across America. The insurance companies are worried, deeply worried. As a result, expect to see the sheer number of compliance audits on chiropractors continuing to escalate, because many chiro’s have deficient documentation, or worse, are still using travel cards. Only the best chiropractors will thrive from 2013 forward.

 I live in a neighborhood that’s pretty cool and lively. Parties are plentiful! These people know how to have fun. Strangely, I’m surrounded by the likes of thoracic surgeons, optometrists, sub-specialists and believe it or not, medical device sales people. Well, I’ve just been told the medical device companies are panicked like never before. Within 2 weeks of the election they are cutting people and costs. The medical device company my neighbor works for, and she happens to be the top salesperson in the country, has just been told no one can take direct flights to see any of their clients. They must take flights with connections to reduce the expenses. Amazing. These companies are deeply frightened.

 On top of all this is the upcoming 27% reduction in the Medicare fee schedule scheduled to kick in on January first….27%! Yes, this is part of the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ negotiations that are going on as I type. I would expect it to be less drastic.

 ObamaCare does have a clause for ‘Any Willing Provider.’ This means, allegedly, that if a ‘provider’ is licensed to provide a certain service or procedure, then insurance companies will be required to pay them for delivering those services assuming they are ‘medially necessary’. I strongly dislike that phrase. I’d expect this clause to eventually be stricken from the plan from purely a numbers reason. If utilization increases, that would put undue financial stress on the program, meaning costs would go up. I’d expect chiropractic, optometry and dentistry to eventually be dropped from the program.

 To be blunt, regardless of who won or could have won the election, large changes were coming anyway. The solutions are known. Here’s what’s not the solution: continuing on ‘same as always.’ Chose that at your practice’s peril. Only the best will thrive from 2013 forward.

 First, your practice should reflect the demographics of your community, which means that if a patient has insurance benefits, file them for your patients. To force them into being a cash patient just for your convenience is just plain wrong. We exist to take care of our patients, not vice-versa. Second, upgrade your level of care. Roller tables, e-stim and ultra sound are very, very old school and practices that rely on passive care will suffer terribly. Third, immediately begin referral and reactivation campaigns for your entire database of patients, every one of them. Fourth, initiate what I call low cost/no cost external marketing or outreach programs.

 Bottom line regardless of the president is this: you MUST be the very best chiropractic practice in your community to survive. Reliance on old school methodologies, programs and communication will self-destruct you practice. Evolution is mandatory, including the specificity of your chiropractic adjustments.  Only the best will thrive.

 I’m sitting in the back of the room right now at HealthSource University, where we’re teaching a very large room full of chiropractors and their teams how to compete and thrive in 2013 and beyond. There are docs seeing 500 patients a week on down to practices that are just getting ready to launch; the full spectrum. Education and evolution are key and have never been more important to chiropractor’s success. Are you committed to upgrading your game?


Have an outstanding December!


Why Does Someone Jump at 128,000 Feet?

Why does a man willingly choose to jump out of a perfectly good capsule at 128,000 feet? Wasn’t it amazing to watch him step out and fall to the earth? Then he began tumbling and tumbling and we all wondered if he’d pull it out. Then he did and we knew he’d be ok. What an adventure. I think it a tad insane, but who am I to judge!

 So why did he do it? Just to break records? I think not. I believe he jumped at 128,000 feet because it was a personal challenge, one that ate deep at his core. He wanted to be the best, and what’s wrong with that? For to be our best simply means that we are not ‘sacrificing the gift’ (Steve Prefontaine).

 As John Maxwell stated “the willingness to take greater risks is a major key to achieving success.” He also mentions that if we consistently hit all our goals then we need to increase the level of our goals. Conversely, if we DON’T hit our goals, then we need to take more risks to achieve them. So basically in either scenario we need to take more risks. Are you taking risks each and every day or are you living in a cocoon, softly plodding from sunrise to sunset, each day fairly identical to the last?

 Remember, where we are right now is the direct result of the risks we have taken based on the decisions we have made. The guy that jumped at 128,000 feet is now set for life. He’ll be on the speaker’s circuit commanding HUGE fees, a book will be published, and he’ll be a celebrity earning substantial accolades and income.

 For a moment, take a look at where you are right now, right this minute. If you have a highly successful clinic, one that gives you the lifestyle you’d hoped and dreamed of, do you have freedom and autonomy? Can you leave the office whenever you chose with the office continuing to hum along at peak capacity and no loss of income or momentum? If not, it’s the result of your decisions.

 If your practice is not what you dreamed of it’s also the result of your decisions. Who really wants to struggle month after month, year after year? If you have a successful practice but don’t have complete autonomy or you want to move into running and managing multiple clinics, the answer exists. If your practice is not exactly what you’d hoped for, the answer exists. Email me. We’ll simply have a dialogue so that I can better understand your unique situation. I’ll sell you nothing, but I will ask you some pointed questions. HealthSource specializes and excels in both situations. It’s why we have the largest footprint in chiropractic across the globe. 2013 can truly be the best year of your life!