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Feeling Burnt Out Yet Again? Simple Solution….

Many chiropractors are feeling totally burnt out. One or our HealthSource Board members, Bob Campana, sent me an email this morning containing a simple Chinese proverb. Here it is:  "If you want to know your past look at your present conditions. If you want to know your future look at your present actions”.  A very profound guy that I consider to be a virtual mentor, Tony Robbins, puts it another way. “If you’re not getting what you want, change your approach. If you’re still not getting what you want, what do you do? You change your approach. And if you’re still not getting what you desire, what do you do then? You change your approach again!”

In other words, if your present circumstances don’t match your vision for your practice and your life, keep changing your approach until you find the right recipe that’s congruent with your vision and puts you on the right path.

Want a shortcut to this process, to getting on the right path to living your vision? Here it is:

Get yourself membership into a mastermind with like minded people. What’s a mastermind? It’s a group of professionals that get together in person periodically. In between the meetings they stay in contact. What do you talk about in the mastermind experience? Anything and everything to help you get on the path to achieving your vision. It could be about your practice. It could be you talk about personal issues. Chances are it’ll be about both. And one or two people with mastermind experience are the moderators and keep the group on task.

Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone are just a few of the guys that helped pioneer the mastermind concept, which Napoleon Hill wrote about in his classic book “Think and Grow Rich.” If masterminds worked for these guys, they can work for you, too. Personally, I’ve been in masterminds for over a decade, and they’ve shortened the learning curve for me at an incredible clip. And the cool thing is that in HealthSource we have 3 home office sponsored masterminds along with about 10 regional/local masterminds moderated by our Regional Developers, with more in the planning stage.

Listen, I consider masterminds to be one of the most vital steps in living your dream, your vision. Why keep making mistakes when you can learn from the collective experiences of those who have already successfully done what you’re trying to do?

Last weekend I was in Florida, helping to moderate one of our local masterminds (Renaissance Club). It was intense…..and FUN! And the emails I’ve received from the members since are incredible examples of doctors having amazing breakthroughs. People who felt totally burnt out because their current reality was incongruent with their dreams. You see, being burnt out is usually not from overwork. Quite the opposite is true. Usually it’s from not living your dream, in-congruency with your vision and boredom with life, all of which are correctible…….and not from some crazy, half baked, get rich quick guru’s insane advice or from abandoning chiropractic. Everyone has the ability to get on track with their vision, YOU included.

Because if you’re not living your dream, CHANGE YOUR APPROACH!

If you are not in a mastermind, you need to be. Frankly, with the increasing complexity of healthcare, going it alone is suicide….slow and painful. Life is way too short to go it all alone, wondering what roadblock is going to be placed in front of you yet again. Life is also way to fleeting to not be living your vision, to live a life with many regrets and ‘I should have done that’ thoughts.

In HealthSource we encourage mastermind membership for all our docs and owners. It’s the right thing to do. Chiropractors have been alone and frightened of the future for our entire existence. It needs to change, and that’s what we’re committed to doing, all based on the relentless pursuit of exceptional care. Questions? Email me personally if you have questions about masterminds. I look forward to hearing from you.

And remember, if you’re not getting what you want, change your approach!!


Dr. Chris Tomshack


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Don't Panic!

Just yesterday, I received a call from a DC. He told me about a panicked call he received from another DC (DC #2) the day prior. DC #2 was in a high state of anxiety because he was afraid he might have contracted Ebola. Never mind that DC #2 had no direct contact with an Ebola patient or that zero infected patients where in his community. Let’s also ignore the fact that DC #2 displayed an absolute ignorance of how Ebola presents.

So DC #2 ran off to his medical doctor only to get reassured that no, he does not have Ebola. Meanwhile, he had closed his practice and cancelled his patients so that he could consult his MD. Also, likely his MD now knows how clueless this doc is on a subject that he should be well versed on by now.

People, there is a time and a place for many things. Panic, however, is usually not warranted, especially over a baseless worry that in this case the DC should have already known the answer to the question plaguing him. DC’s are primary portal providers, which means DC’s must know certain things. And with the current very real Ebola threat, we as DC’s must know the signs and symptoms of Ebola. Do you?

In case you don’t, here’s a primer on Ebola. The early signs and symptoms include; unexplained bleeding and bruising or hemorrhage, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness, and diarrhea. And here is the pathognomonic kicker: you must have had contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected person in order to contract Ebola. Most of the symptoms appear from 2-21 days post exposure with an average being about 8-10 days.

Recovery depends on supportive care and the strength of the patient’s immune system. And there are early diagnostic tests available, which include: antigen capture ELISA testing, IgM ELISA, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and virus isolation.  The typical treatment is not all that high tech. It includes IV fluids, balancing of electrolytes, maintaining oxygen and BP status and treating any other infections as they arise (opportunistic infections).

In America, Ebola is incredibly rare (so far). Ebola is, by many viral comparisons, quite hard to contract. Direct contact must have been made with blood or body fluids.

I’m not trying to turn you into Dr. Diagnostician. I am trying to ensure you know the basics on Ebola so that you are informed and you do not panic. And as a chiropractor, what can you do to help offset the scare? Simple, inform your patients when they inquire and help them become as healthy as possible so they have a fully functional immune system running on all cylinders. In other words, provide real wellness care, which is more than an adjustment only maintenance visit. At the very least it includes a timely, regular adjustment and the two most important supplements that all Americans require. Other components are also important, but these three are key.

Wellness care is critical, not only for the health of your patients but also for the health of you, your team, your family and your practice. And let’s face it, if 75% of your new patients converted to wellness care, soon you would not be able to even take many new patients at all unless you brought on another doctor. Now that reality sounds great, doesn’t it?

Please, don’t panic over Ebola. Instead, be the wellness doctor your community’s health needs badly. Questions? Shoot me an email. I’m here to help!


Chris Tomshack Dc

HealthSource Chiropractic


Depression Surrounds You

Yesterday an old junior high, high school and college friend asked me to take a look at his youngest son, Luke, a 13 year old 8th grader. Luke just finished football season and has a week off until basketball starts. His low back has been really sore for about a month and his father and my friend, Rick, was getting worried. So I told Rick to bring Luke up to my office. Yes, even though I no longer practice I do have an adjusting table at the office and at home.

So as we’re walking back to the adjusting table, I’m watching Rick and Luke walk: call it an old habit. It was interesting. Luke was walking with a really good energy. Rick was not. Rick was sort of shuffling a bit with his head mostly down, looking at the floor in front of him. To me, that’s a warning sign.

I said to Rick, “how you doing, pal?”  He replied, “I’m pretty tired. My back is sore. My hip hurts and my sugar is high.” Well that’s enough to depress most people.

I’m thinking to myself, “look how you’re carrying yourself. You’re walking around like you’re depressed, have no energy and no future.” That’s NOT what you want to model to your kids, and that’s not the guy I grew up with.”

Let me share a huge secret with you. Your MOTION determines your EMOTION. In other words, your physiology determines your thoughts and how you express them. Think about it a moment. Amazon is filled with books on psychobabble. Books that tell you to examine your childhood to try to figure out what happened to you that caused your current situation. What a waste of time! That’s called living in the problem, not the solution. It’s what many therapists tell you to do. Hogwash! Maybe that’s why many people in therapy have to go forever.

And there’s some very credible research that demonstrates that we actually have a genetically set range in which our degree of happiness generally resides. That does NOT mean your happiness level is out of your control. Quite the contrary is true. You can literally condition your mind and body to elevate your mood simply and easily.

One very quick method, which I use every single day, is to change my motion in order to change my emotion. This means that when I realize that I’m not at a peak state that I enjoy and that enables me to be happy and help others to be happy, I change my physiology. ‘Well how the heck do you do that’, you ask?

First I change my posture and cadence to one of extreme certainty and positivity. My walk quickens. My heads rises up. My shoulders get pulled back. I breathe deeper. I talk louder, with positive emotion. Often I’ll yell out some incantations, which are sort of an affirmation with massive positive emotion. And you know what happens every single time I change my motion? My emotion follows suit and mirrors my motion.

It’s really that simple. And you can teach your family and your patients how to do this as well. It’s bringing wellness into their lives. It’s paying it forward. It’s making a substantive change in your life and in the lives of countless others. It’s called making a difference. The world is full of depressed people. It’s at record highs. You CAN help reverse that ridiculous trend. Start with yourself and teach others. This really is one Huge aspect of wellness and it gives you the opportunity to do so much more for your patients in addition to their chiropractic care. It changes lives.

Questions? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you pronto.

All the best today!

Chris Tomshack DC

HealthSource Chiropractic